Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Official" Tooth Fairy Certificate

What?!?  A new blog post?  I know.  You are probably surprised :)

But I actually have something to share!

Layne lost her first tooth!  Well...lost is a relative term.  She had to have it pulled because the roots had dissolved.  But anyways, I had about 9 hours notice that the tooth fairy was visiting our house that evening.  After perusing Pinterest, I found exactly what I was looking for.  Except it cost lots of money and wasn't downloadable.  I decided to create my own which turned out quite different, but I loved it!

After printing, I made my own little envelope for our gold dollar and sprinkled some "tooth fairy" glitter.

And lucky you!  I've got a boy and girl blank version that you can print!  I printed mine on 60% size to make it a little more "tooth fairy" size!

Want some other tooth fairy ideas?  Check out my Tooth Fairy Pinterest board here.

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