Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Innocence & Glasses

I've found lately that I shouldn't make assumptions when it comes to my daughter.  There have been many times lately where I have assumed that a question or a comment meant something totally different than it really did.

As an example, back in August right after school started, Layne told me about a little girl at her school that wore the same clothes every day.  I immediately went into an explanation that not everyone in her school were as blessed as we were.  And that some kids' parents may not have enough money for a whole bunch of clothes.  Her response?  "Or maybe it's just her favorite outfit."  To which I said, "Yep, you're probably right."  (By the way, I've come to know a little bit about this little girl from being around at school...Layne was right.)

I have to continually remind myself that Layne is only five.  She has so much maturity about her, yet is still so innocent.  Last spring, she had her first eye exam.  We got great news, followed by not so great news.  Her vision is absolutely perfect right now.  Unfortunately, that's not as great as it sounds.  According to her eye doctor, at her age, kids should be somewhat far sighted.  Which means that she will likely need glasses for near sightedness in the next few years.

I broke the news slowly, expecting her to feel self conscious about it like I did as a child.  Her reaction was quite the opposite.  She actually did a little dance and was excited about it.  She could be just like her cousin, Emma (who wears glasses).  My husband and I both had glasses by middle school.  We both wore eyeglasses and contacts for years.  I don't know why I even thought for a minute that our kids wouldn't need them.  It's in our genetics, after all.

{circa 2003}

We both had Lasik surgery almost 10 years ago.  And at the time, there were very limited places to buy glasses where we live.  Where did I have to get them?  Walmart.  I can remember getting glasses in middle school and HATING them.  I begged my parents to let me take them back and get a different pair.  Plus, glasses just weren't as cute as they are now 20 years ago!

There are so many places to buy glasses now.  We probably have 5 places locally that sell them.  Not to mention the ability to buy eyeglasses online now!  I know that it won't be a problem to find super cute glasses for Layne when the time comes.  We will find the perfect pair to complement her adorable personality. offers high quality frames and lenses.  They have a 110% lowest price guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee. They are offering my readers a special discount!  You  can get 15% off your entire order over $50 plus FREE shipping with the coupon code FS15.

Plus, they have a really cool virtual mirror that you can use to "Try On" glasses before you buy them!