Saturday, September 15, 2012

10 Loves of Fall

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I love fall!  The cool crispness in the air, but not having to wear a coat yet is wonderful!  Besides the weather, here's my fall favorites!

#10 - Carving Pumpkins

This is sort of a love/hate thing.  It always starts out fun with the kids seeding the pumpkins and picking out the designs.  Then they get bored and go find something else to do and leave us to finish the tedious work of carving a beautiful design...sigh.  But they are so pretty once they are done!  {Link to the Hello Kitty template can be found in our Pumpkin post from last year}.


#9 - Beautiful Fall gardening

As much as I love the beautiful flowers in the spring, there's something special about fall flowers.  Find beauty in the Fall.  This year, I want to plant some mums to put on our porch with some pumpkins and gourds.  And anytime that I plant, I use Miracle-Gro Potting Mix.  It's so simple to do.

MiracleGro Logo(1).jpg

Find a beautiful pot and buy a potted mum from the store.  Fill your pot  3/4 of the way with Miracle-Gro potting mix.  Transfer your plant and cover with more Potting Mix.  And the mix will feed your plant up to 6 months! {Checkout out Miracle-Gro Facebook page where you can talk to fellow gardeners and share stories!}


#8 -  Boots!

I cannot wait to pull out my brown riding boots!  They are perfect with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings.  I'm also in the market for a pair of gray ones this year...comment if you know of a good place to find an affordable pair!


#7 - Pumpkin Food

Mmm...I love anything pumpkin flavored!  My hubby isn't a fan, but I've already been perusing Pinterest looking for some delish Pumpkin recipes to make this fall to take places!


#6 - Thanksgiving Turkey

There is something so comforting and nostalgic about roasting a delicous turkey!  I have made Thanksgiving dinner for our friends for the past few years and I cannot wait to do it again this year.  


#5 - Fall Leaves

It's so easy to see God's hand and creativity in so much of our lives.  The way our bodies are designed and work.  The birth and creation of a child.  The beautiful ocean.  And fall colors in the trees.  It looks like He took a paint brush and created the most beautiful picture.


#4 - Halloween

I love getting the kids all dressed up for Halloween and going trick-or-treating.  Its kind of like carving pumpkins though.  Everyone starts out all excited and enthusiastic and just when we get to the furthest point of our "circle" that we walk in, they poop out.  Its sill one of my favorite things of fall!


#3 - All things apple

Apple pie.  Applesauce.  Apple butter.  Apple dumplings.  Apple crumb cake.  Bked Apples.  Yum!  I love any cinnamon and apple combination!!


#2 -  Scarves

There is something so cozy about scarves!  I know that they are a year round accessory, but scarves just speak, "Fall."  And what's even better than scarves?  Boots and Scarves :)


#1 - Kentucky Wool Festival

The first weekend in October is Wool Fest time in Falmouth, KY and I look so forward to it every year.  Walking through the craft booths, seeing the animals, and, of course, eating the yummy homemade chicken and dumplings!  Its a fmily fall tradition and always means the start of fall!!


What did I miss?  What are your favorite things of fall?


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  1. I am missing home so much right now! Fall is my favorite and there is no Fall season in Cambodia. It is hot hot hot here all year round! I may visit this blog post a few times in the next few months ;)


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