Thursday, August 16, 2012

Growing up

Seriously...where has the past 5 years gone!?!?  My little baby girl started Kindergarten this week!


This mommy has some very mixed emotions.  I know how unbelievably excited that she is.  She's my brave and adventurous child.  She doesn't have much hesitation when it comes to meeting new people and making new friends.  She's open for any new adventure.  And Kindergarten is an adventure that she's been counting down the days until for months.

I'm also very anxious.  I've talked about it before several months ago, but my sweet girl has a severe peanut allergy.  We're not entirely sure how severe, but based on her bloodwork numbers, she's classified as a severe case.  We've never had to use our Epi-pen (Thank God!), but she's had reactions when touched or kissed by someone who ate peanut butter.  And she's had reactions that have the early signs of anaphylaxis (tightening throat, coughing, etc.) that we've been able to treat with Benedryl.  I know kids do it every day, but they aren't my kids.  My baby girl.


We had some drama with her starting.  We went to her Camp Kindergarten on Friday and that was the first time that we heard that they regularly serve peanut butter in the cafeteria, there was no peanut-free table, and everyone that we talked to had never experienced someone with a severe nut allergy.  We felt like no one took us serious.  Immediately after leaving, we began to brainstorm our options...another school district, private schools, homeschooling.  We had a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D.

I emailed some people to see about enrolling her in the other school distict knowing that we'd have to pay tuition {how much tuition totally shocked us, but we were prepared to do it for her safety}.  Fortunately, the Asst. Superintendent from the other school district copied the Superintendent from our district.  He was amazing.  He stepped up and worked through the weekend to help to try to make changes needed to make us comfortable.

In the end, it worked out.  Her new school (and entire district) is making their cafeteria "nut-free" {other kids can still pack it} with nut-free tables.  They implemented every change that we needed to be comfortable sending her there.  Layne missed her first day while we figured everything out, but she got to start Tuesday!


Gray has missed her like crazy, but we didn't have any major break-downs like we did when she went to Cheerleading Camp.  They've pretty much never been apart {with the exception of rare instances when one goes with me somewhere and one goes with dad} and even though they fight like crazy, they are each other's best friend.


It's been nice for Gray to get lots of attention.  He's been so patient with Knox's nursing sessions and he's been thriving on all of the one-on-one time the rest of the time.  He's so happy to get his sissy back each day though!


Eww...I just love her!

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