Thursday, August 30, 2012

{Bringing Home Baby} Round Up

Wow!  What a fun few weeks it's been! 


And if you missed it....Knox is here!  You can read about how our life with three has been :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{Bringing Home Baby} Stenciled Onesies Tutorial

Today I'm sharing a tutorial for Freezer Paper Stencil onesies!

Freezer paper stencils aren't a new idea...but I wanted to share a super cute baby gift idea that my friend, Crystal, is the master of!  She creates such unique and funny onesies for baby gifts.  I always love to attend showers that she's going to so that I can see what she comes up with!


Here's the thing with this can do this on anything.  Not just onesies!  I started out making T-shirts for my picky hubby {he's partial to Mossimo t-shirts from Target} and made one for my Gray too.  You can also do this on sheets, pillow cases, tote bags, etc.

{You Need}

freezer paper {not to be confused with wax or parchment paper}
printable, sketch or image to put onto Onesie
fabric paint {or acrylic paint with fabric medium to mix it with}
foam brush
totally flat surface {this is a MUST!}
onesies {of course!}
craft knife & cutting board


Start out by finding a printable or drawing out an image for you to use to trace your stencil.  I've included a few printables below that I created to make my onesies.  Click links below to download. (*For Personal Use only.*  I'd love for you to follow my blog too!)

Trace the image onto the paper side of the freezer paper {not on the plastic side!}.  No need to flip or reverse...just trace it like you want it on the shirt.  I suggest shading the negative pieces {where you plan to paint} so that you know which pieces will be taken out later.


Next cut out all of the pieces with your craft knife and keep them all!  For simple designs, you'll only need your stencil, but if you have more complex designs, you'll need all of the cut out pieces to make the stencil work.  Don't worry...I'll explain below!

Next starting with the outside pieces and working your way in, iron your stencil onto your shirt.  MAKE SURE YOU ARE IRONING ON A TOTALLY FLAT SURFACE.  My ironing board left marks that don't wash out where the freezer paper was.


1)  All of your pieces cut out.
2) Very outer edge piece ironed on.
3) Adding in the shaded pieces (to be removed later).  Next add pack in the inner pieces that will stay (cut outs from your As and Bs, Bat outline, etc).
4) Remove the shaded pieces. But keep the other inner non-shaded pieces.

Iron over it all one more time to be sure everything is "stuck" good.

Now it's time to paint!

Instead of owning acrylic paint in a million colors and fabric paint in a million colors, I purchased fabric paint medium from Michaels.  You just mix a small amout of this into your paint and it turns your regular acrylic paint into fabric paint.  Plain old fabric paint is fine too!


Put a piece of cardboard in between the front and back to prevent the paint from bleeding through! Using a foam brush, gently dab the paint on the stencil.  Dab carefully along the edges of the stencil so that you have super straight lines :)  Allow to dry and touch up with another layer if needed.


Allow to dry completely (my paint suggests 24 hrs) before removing the stencil to avoid bleeding of the paint.  You can also pull out your blow dryer to speed things up...can you tell I'm a pretty impatient person?!?



Monday, August 20, 2012

Guess Who Turned 5?!?!

This Girl!!!!


Layne Lou, 

Mommy is so unbelievably proud of the young lady that you are becoming!  You are growing up so fast.  

Stay strong in what you believe in.  Know who your Savior is and trust in Him.  But I also want you to hold onto your childhood beliefs.  Of mermaids and unicorns.  Of Santa and his elves.

Don't let anyone bring you down.  You are short in height and small in stature, but don't ever let anyone make you feel that way.  You are smart, kind, generous, and brave.  I want you to always stay that way!

I will love you always.  No matter what.

Love, Mommy


She is smart and mature.  With the vocabulary of a kid much older than she is.  She understands so much more than most kids her age.

She is brave and courageous.  She'll walk right up and introduce herself to "new friends" at the park, store, or whoever we go.  

She has an enormous heart.  She's been so kind to share with others, even things that she doesn't want to part with.  She is always worried about her friends and brother when they are sad or upset.

She has a heart for God.  I'm always amazed at the questions and discussions we have about God.  I'm usually so caught off guard by her questions because they are questions that would be asked by someone much older and wiser than she is.

She is confident and proud.  Matt and I both have been purposeful in trying to raise her to be confident in herself.  So far, it's worked pretty well.  Sometimes, she may even be too confident, but we'd rather that than a child who is insecure. 

{Read about the Day that I Became a Mama here}

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Growing up

Seriously...where has the past 5 years gone!?!?  My little baby girl started Kindergarten this week!


This mommy has some very mixed emotions.  I know how unbelievably excited that she is.  She's my brave and adventurous child.  She doesn't have much hesitation when it comes to meeting new people and making new friends.  She's open for any new adventure.  And Kindergarten is an adventure that she's been counting down the days until for months.

I'm also very anxious.  I've talked about it before several months ago, but my sweet girl has a severe peanut allergy.  We're not entirely sure how severe, but based on her bloodwork numbers, she's classified as a severe case.  We've never had to use our Epi-pen (Thank God!), but she's had reactions when touched or kissed by someone who ate peanut butter.  And she's had reactions that have the early signs of anaphylaxis (tightening throat, coughing, etc.) that we've been able to treat with Benedryl.  I know kids do it every day, but they aren't my kids.  My baby girl.


We had some drama with her starting.  We went to her Camp Kindergarten on Friday and that was the first time that we heard that they regularly serve peanut butter in the cafeteria, there was no peanut-free table, and everyone that we talked to had never experienced someone with a severe nut allergy.  We felt like no one took us serious.  Immediately after leaving, we began to brainstorm our options...another school district, private schools, homeschooling.  We had a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D.

I emailed some people to see about enrolling her in the other school distict knowing that we'd have to pay tuition {how much tuition totally shocked us, but we were prepared to do it for her safety}.  Fortunately, the Asst. Superintendent from the other school district copied the Superintendent from our district.  He was amazing.  He stepped up and worked through the weekend to help to try to make changes needed to make us comfortable.

In the end, it worked out.  Her new school (and entire district) is making their cafeteria "nut-free" {other kids can still pack it} with nut-free tables.  They implemented every change that we needed to be comfortable sending her there.  Layne missed her first day while we figured everything out, but she got to start Tuesday!


Gray has missed her like crazy, but we didn't have any major break-downs like we did when she went to Cheerleading Camp.  They've pretty much never been apart {with the exception of rare instances when one goes with me somewhere and one goes with dad} and even though they fight like crazy, they are each other's best friend.


It's been nice for Gray to get lots of attention.  He's been so patient with Knox's nursing sessions and he's been thriving on all of the one-on-one time the rest of the time.  He's so happy to get his sissy back each day though!


Eww...I just love her!

Life with Three

If you missed our little announcement a couple of weeks ago, Baby Knox is here!  I still haven't sat down to write his birth story yet, but I wanted to share a little about how our past two weeks has been.


I was a little nervous about being a mom of three little ones under five {at least for two weeks til big sis turns 5}.  To be totally honest with you, it's been MUCH easier than I ever imagined.  He's been a pretty seamless addition to our family.


He's a great baby.  For the first week, we barely knew he was there unless it was time to eat.  He's been a little more vocal lately, but he is still a very happy baby.  He's an awesome sleeper, waking just once to twice a night to eat.  And then he goes right back to sleep for a few more hours :)


Big bro, as Gray now likes to be called, has amazed us with how good he is with him.  I can definitely see some jealousy in Gray's actions towards us, but he is awesome to Knox.  He just wants to lay with him and hold him.  He cannot wait until Knox can play cars with him or ride quads :)

The first night that we got home, it was around 9:30 or 10 pm.  So, of course, our kids were super sleepy.  Gray just kept asking if Knox could lay by him and we just kept telling him that he could later. As soon as we laid Knox next to Gray on the couch, Gray was out like a light.  It was so precious!


Sister is smitten.  She just loves her baby brother and is so patient with him.  She is such a big helper...getting whatever we need her to for us or "watching" him while we wash our hands, etc.  If he cries, she is right there by him saying, "It's okay.  Sissy is here."  She sings to him in the sweetest voice and he usually stops crying :)


Don't get me wrong...we've had a few chaotic moments.  Like when I was changing Knox and he peed in my face, then proceeded to poop on the couch when I was swapping out the diaper.  Gray was supposed to be in his room trying to nap and he came out and started running around and wouldn't listen.  Once I changed Knox, changed my clothes, and cleaned up the couch, Knox was screaming at the top of his lungs and wouldn't stop until he got what he eat!  So Gray got a "get out of jail free card" until Knox was done eating.  You can only do so much, right?


Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to School...with Flair!

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I love back-to-school shopping.  It was always so much fun as a kid to go shopping to get all of the brand new school supplies and a few new outfits to start school in.  

This year we got to start our own back-to-school shopping!  Layne starts Kindergarten in a few short days and we shopped our hearts out to prepare for it.

One thing that probably isn't on your list, but you may want to buy anyways is AstroBrights paper!  If you aren't familiar with AstroBrights paper, it is high quality paper that comes in over 20 super bright colors.  It is perfect for all of those school projects, progress charts, birthday invitations, scrapbooking, and more!  

I love to use AstroBrights paper to stand out.  I use it to print my flyers and handouts on for my jewelry business (very eye catching!) and for lots of projects with the kids.

AstroBrights paper is also having a "Give a Brighter Year" sweepstakes where you can enter to win a cash prize and school supplies valued at $30,000 for the elementary school of your choice!  Follow the link and enter here - "Give a Brighter Year" sweepstakes.

AstroBrights also has "Make Something Bright" design challenges on Astrobrights on Facebook.  We are pulling together our should too.  Its a great way to spend some time with your kids and maybe earn free paper or other prizes in the process!  

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

He's Here!!!!

Happy Birthday, Baby Knox!!

Born 8/1/12 @ 7:14pm
7 lb 15 oz
19 3/4 in.

The birth was amazing...not at all what I planned or expected...but amazing.  God is so good...we cannot stop thanking him for this little blessing!

We are both doing great!  I'm looking forward to going home tonight and sleeping in our own bed.  Big brother and big sister are missing us like crazy!

There's a few post coming that were in the works already, but we'll be taking some time to get used to this new little guy and getting big sister ready for Kindergarten in 11 days!