Friday, July 27, 2012

Our week via {Instagram}

This first one wasn't from this week, but we snuck away for an anniversary date night earlier this month.  After contemplating dinner or a movie, we decided to try something a little different.  Dinner and a movie at the same time!  We have a really cool theater that has deluxe seating with wait staff to wait on you during the movie.  It was a super fun experience!  We saw the Incredible Spiderman, which I was sort of dreading, but REALLY liked!

Layne decided that Knox needed a sticker too!  Can you tell that is butt and back are on my left side in this picture!?!  Holy lopsided belly :)

We decided to do One on One dates with each of our kids before baby brother arrives!  It was so special for each of them.  This will definitely be a tradition that we continue!

Obviously, we painted pottery for Layne's date and went out for pizza!  She had such a special night until she found out that brother was staying with mamaw and papaw and she got a teensy bit jealous ;)

We followed Friday night pottery painting with a Sunday Cincinnati Reds game with my boy.  He was all decked out in Reds gear.  Dad even had to get him a new know, just in case we got a foul ball hit to us.  Poor kid thought that he was going to get to play baseball...not watch it.  After he got over the initial disappointment that he didn't get to play, he had a blast.  Including a Lemon Chill, Dippin Dots, and Cotton Candy.

Momma decided she was going to try to walk this baby out, so we made the day a little more special by parking across the river in Newport, Kentucky and walking across the bridge to get to the game.  It wasn't too bad on the way there, but the 1.5 to 2 mile walk back was a little rough since I had one giant 15-20 minute contraction.  We did luck out tremendously by getting shaded seats.  They were just close enough to see the action, but just far enough away to be out of the sun!

Monday was the weekly OB appointment!  38 weeks here.  Still hanging in there.

And it is VBS week at church!  Grayson is taking a few minutes out here to pose with his ammunition {aka marshmallow} used in a catapult game.  This guys is officially still too young to go, but momma is allowed to take him and tag along.

Sister was making cards for kids in Africa as part of their weekly ministry.  All of the offering they bring in is going to buy mosquito nets for families in Mali.   I love watching them have so much fun and excitement!  And I love how it raises so many good questions in my big girl's mind.  We've had some great discussions on the way home every night.

This is Gray and Miss Lucy {our BFF's daughter}...isn't she adorable!  Future husband and wife, maybe? :)  They just kept hugging and kissing each other.  It was too cute!

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