Friday, July 20, 2012

{Bringing Home Baby} My Baby Must Haves!

Earlier this week, I shared my nursing must-haves, but I also compiled a list of my other favorite baby things!

I wish I had read and listened to more moms when I was preparing for my first baby.  There is so much that we bought and received that I could totally do without {Post on that coming next week!!}!  There were some things though, that I wouldn't have wanted to live without...although you definitely could :)

Keep in mind that every momma and baby are different.  And my must-haves may not have been used at all by others :)  I know that my must haves were very different than some of my best friends and sisters.

We bought one of these used on Craigslist for $50.  What a lifesaver!  I wouldn't have been able to take both kids anywhere by myself that didn't have shopping carts.  I still use it with my almost 5 and 3 year olds to keep them contained :)

With fussy, reflux babies, this seat was a must for us.  We always had to keep them upright after feedings {including at night} for the first few months.  Layne slept in this for the first 4 months of her life and Gray did for a long time too {he outgrew it so little chunker!}.  Plus, I think something about all that vibrating soothed their little tummies.

Yes, we are kinda, sorta germ-o-phobes in this house.  Especially with little babies!  Everyone has to wash their hands before holding them for quite a while.  These wipes were a gem for when we were out and about.  My husband will applaud me for considering these one of our necessities :)

As I just mentioned, my babies had reflux terribly.  These bottles were awesome to help keep gas out and keep my babies' tummies.  This time, I don't know that we will use them much since I'm not going back to work for a year, but these are still in my must haves!  And they are BPA free!  I had to trade in all of my non-BPA free ones for BPA free ones when Layne was a baby.

Yes, my babies were breastfed.  And yes, they still used pacifiers, contrary to what every breastfeeding expert says.  We never had nipple confusion.  Layne started out with the hospital (Soothie) pacifiers and I hated them.  She couldn't keep them in, they were ugly, and they were so hard to find.  We switched her at 6 months and started Grayson on these from the get-go.  I also felt better using the "Ortho-Pro" ones that they weren't hurting their oral development :)  {Grayson may or may not have used pink ones half the time}

These were a must-have for us for the first few weeks.  My babies loved to be swaddled.  I could have done without {and hated, actually} all of those swaddler things.  We liked the good old receiving blankets.  These were also great too to help absorb some of those lovely yellow, seedy blowouts that we had!  Usually we only got on the jammies and blanket, not on our sheets!  Click the link above for the tutorial on how to make the one in the picture from Sew Much Ado.

7 Food Processor or Blender
I'm not picky...any food processor or blender will do!  We made all of Grayson's baby food.  Why?  I'll be totally honest...because it was cheaper!  Like a lot cheaper!  You could easily save over $500 in the first year of your baby's life by making your own.  There's other advantages too.  It's healthier, you can control the quality of food that he's given, better selection, and it's tastier! 

I loved to carry my babies.  It was soothing to me and them. Plus...I dare you to try to fit a trip full of groceries in your cart with a toddler in the seat and a car seat in the front of the cart.  The Hotsling is pictured above {and I can promise you I never looked like that carrying my baby :)} and I had a sized one (different than their new adjustable ones).  I loved this sling for the earlier stages.  It was great to wear to the store or out places to keep people from looking and breathing all over your baby {I mentioned that we are germophobes in must have #3, lol}.  I loved the Moby Wrap later when the baby was bigger and had better neck control.

I'm pretty much a car seat snob.  You can read my opinions on car seats here.  There aren't many things I'm passionate enough about that I will tell you my opinion on unsolicitated, but car seat safety is one of those things.  And while this car seat costs a pretty penny, it is totally worth it to me to have the safest car seat possible for my babies!  Plus, it will last them for YEARS...5 to 70 lbs!  No need to ever buy a booster seat unless you want to. And it stays rear facing until like 40lbs {Neither of my kids are 40 lbs yet!}.

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