Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{Bringing Home Baby} Month by Month Onesies Tutorial

This post was originally posted over a year ago, but I had to post it again for our {Bringing Home Baby} series.  Here it as as originally posted!

When I was invited to an upcoming baby shower for a friend at church,
I knew that I had to make these adorable onesies.
For the life of me, I can't remember where I originally saw this idea,
but it wasn't my original idea.


I was also dying to use my new Cricut Expressions that my awesome hubs got me for Mother's Day.

This is probably self explanatory to most, but I'm going to walk you through it anyway!
Like I said, I used my Cricut, so I'll give you instructions for using one & instructions if you don't have a Cricut.

{You need}
Onesies! {I used Gerber onesies sizes 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, and 12 mths}
Fabric scraps {or 1/4 yd is more than enough}
Heat N Bond Lite
Sewing Machine {Or Needle & Thread}

{Cricut method}
To prepare your fabric for cutting, iron your Heat N Bond Lite onto the wrong side of your fabric following the instructions on the package.

Remove the back paper. {Trust Me. Do it. You don't want to scrape the backing off the cutting mat like my sister had to.}

Lay your fabric with the Heat N Bond down onto your cutting mat. Now cut out your numbers!
Here were my settings:
Pressure - 3
Speed - 2

For my set, I used the following cartridges & settings.
{I apologize for my lack of knowledge on what the cutouts/shadows are called!}
1 - Plantin School Book (Shadow)
2 - Celebrations (Shadow)
3 - Plantin School Book (Shadow)
4 - Mini Monograms (Full Cut-out)
5 - Celebrations (Shadow)
6 - Mini Monograms (Negative piece only)
7 - Celebrations (Full Cut-out)
8 - Celebrations (Full cut-out)
9 - Celebrations (Cut out only)
10 - Plantin School Book (Shadow)
11 - Plantin School Book
12 - Celebrations ( 1 is cut out, 2 is shadow)

{For those without Cricut}Check out my instructions on how to applique here.
Just use Word or some other program to type and adjust the font and size of your numbers.
Then follow the instructions in the applique tutorial.

Once you have your numbers cut out, iron them to the center of the onesie.

Sew around the edges of the fabrics with your machine or by hand. I personally did both depending on how complicated the number was.
Certain designs were easier to sew by hand {although it is definitely more time consuming}.

To cuten {that's a word, right?} it up a bit, I wrote the following saying to go with it.

I printed this up on white card stock. Layered it with a cute piece of scrapbook paper.
And stuck it right on top of my pile of onesies before I wrapped them!

I can't wait to see all the adorable monthly pictures. I so wish I had this for my babies!


  1. Love the monthly onsies! I am doing this for an upcoming shower.

    PS-I nominated you for an award! ;)

  2. Adorable! Thanks for linking up to the Pomp Party! Pinning to our Pomp Party board!

  3. So cute, love the fabric too! Thanks so much for linking up to our Pretty Things Party! I hope you'll be back next week!

  4. Loved these so much I've featured them today! :)



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