Friday, July 27, 2012

{Bringing Home Baby} Don't Waste Your Moola!

Similar to my Must-Have list, I also have a list of products that you can totally do without!  As I said before, every momma is different...and I've seen many of my items that I could live without on other people's must-have list.  To each her own :) 

Here's my list.

1 Diaper Pail
Total waste of money.  It was expensive with expensive refills.  It was not easy to use and still was stinky.  We just took the trash out each day when they were little babies...and once they were bigger {and stinkier}, each dirty diaper was tied in a plastic bag and taken out to the trash after changing.

2 Boppy Pillow
I never used my Boppy pillow for nursing.  It was just awkward and uncomfortable to me.  One of my best friends used hers so much that it had to be replaced with her second kid.  She took it everywhere with her. We did use it as a support for when our babies were just starting to sit up on their own :)

3 Bottle Warmer
I registered and got one for a gift, but never used the thing.  We were exclusively nursing most of the time, but when we weren't, we used room temperature water.  No use getting a baby used to "warm" milk because it's not always available that way {for a bottle at least} :)

4 Store Bought Baby Food
This stuff is EX. PEN. SIVE.!!  We just made our own baby food with Grayson and saved around $500 during his first year.  I'm not a super crunchy, organic momma, but this was something simple that I could do to save a little dough and be a little healthier for my baby.

5 Wipes Warmer
No explaining needed.  Unless you are storing your wipes outside in your car in the middle of January, they are warm enough for your baby's tushy!

6 Changing Table
Bought one from Ikea for $100 and never even took it out of the box.  We just changed the baby wherever we were at in the house.  On the bed, couch, floor, etc.  Sure, we put a blanket down to protect from any messes, but we never used a changing table once.

What do you think?  What are your "do withouts"?

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