Wednesday, July 18, 2012

{Bringing Home Baby} Chic Burp Cloths

Today we are back with another guest post!  If you missed it yesterday, Sarah from Simply Sarah Style shared some Beautiful Baby Showers.  They were such cute ideas!
And today we have Natalie from Johnny in a Dress.  I *met* her about a year ago when she guest posted as part of our Sew Chic Upcycling week on Jenny's blog.  I have followed her ever since and she quickly became one of my favorite blogs!  We are due about a week or two apart and it has been so fun getting to know each other through our pregnancies!  Isn't she the most adorable pregnant person ever!??!


I am Natalie from Johnny In A Dress!

I am going to share with you how I made Hollis’s burps!

To make a super cutie burp you will need:
Cloth Diaper (Gerber makes packs of 10 that can be found at Target or Walmart)
Sewing machine
Ribbon, Ric Rac, Pom Poms, etc. 
(any trim you would like to use to pretty up your burp)

Wash and dry your cloth diapers.
They will all shrink differently, so this is VERY important!
Measure your cloth diaper, cut your fabric adding 3 inches to the length and 6 inches wide.
(I usually end up cutting my fabric about 21 inches long by 6 inches)
Iron the long sides of your fabric down about 1/4 of an inch.
Then iron the ends of the fabric 1/4 of an inch.

If you want to applique or monogram your burp, now is the time!
I like to iron the edges THEN add the applique or have the fabric monogrammed because you can see the edges of the fabric and be able to place the name/initials accordingly.
FIY: make sure that your monogram is about 2-3 inches away from the short edge!

Now place your fabric face down and then lay the cloth diaper on top.
Fold the ends over the burp cloth and iron into place.

It should look like this:
At this point, it would be super smart to pin the fabric into place…
I was lazy and totally winged it…
Top stitch one of the short ends.
(Don’t forget to  backstitch!)

Then stitch both long sides into place.

At this point, I like to flip the burp over and top stitch the remaining short end.

Now you have a super cute burp!

If you want to make your super cute burp FABULOUS,
add pom poms, ric rac, ribbon, ruffles or a cute fabric flower!
I add these AFTER the basic burp is complete!

If it’s gonna wipe up spit… it may as well be cute, right?!
Here are a few I made for my baby, Hollis, who will arrive in early August:

these are so simple to make and are the perfect gift for a new baby!

Who wouldn’t want their baby to have the cutest burps on the block?!

I hope all of you to come by Johnny In A Dress to see other fun projects and ideas!
Thank you for having me today Sarah!
I can’t wait to see little man!
(Maybe Knox and Hollis can Skype soon!)


Natalie, thank you so much for sharing this adorable tutorial!!  I love it!!  Go check out her blog, people.  She is definitely one of my favorites and I've loved getting to know her through sharing our pregnancies together!


  1. Oh, I love her blog, too! I don't even remember how I found her...was it the Naptime Crafters competition??? I don't know! Haha! Those are so stinking cute!

  2. These are gorgeous! I love them. She should have an Etsy shop.

  3. Where did you buy your fabrics? There gorgeous.


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