Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One day I will miss this...

Thanks to Mama Birth's recent post for this cute idea.  It really made me reflect on the little things that sometimes annoy me in the moment, but I know that I will miss when my babies get bigger {or when the new guy comes out}.  And other things that I just love, love, love, and don't want to forget.


{wth Gray}
1.  "Mom.  Mom.  Mom.  Mom."  - "What Gray?"  -  "Um.  I love you."
2.  "I so sirsty."  {thirsty}
3.  The need for his BB {blanket} to nap.  Annoying when we don't have it with us.  Glorious when we do.
4.  Coming out of his room 20 times before he lays down and goes to sleep.
5.  Wearing shoes on the wrong feet...about 80% of the time.
6.  The naked dance he does in the mirror before bath
7.  Watching him wrestle with daddy
8.  The devastation of being somewhere without his big sissy {leads to total meltdown...Lord help us come August!}
9.  The snuggles after he wakes up.  It's a glimpse of my baby boy...not preschool boy
10. The want to play girl things like dress up, make-overs, etc.  {sorry, dad!}


{with Layne}
1.  The pure joy of finding out we're going for ice cream.
2.  The 8 minute song that was just made up that you have to listen to {and God forbid anyone speak during it}
3.  The innocent prayers at bedtime.  "For everyone in the world to be safe."
4.  The need for kisses on boo-boos still.
5.  Sleeping in our bed.  can't stand it now.  I'll miss it one day.
6.  The 1000 drawings that are drawn for us weekly.  {each says Layne.  Mom.  on it}
7.  Her sewing projects.  I will not miss the millions of fabrics scraps that result from them!
8.  "Mommy, you're the best mommy in this world.  And I will never forget you."
9.  Mistakes when talking...like "girl scoutch" instead of "girl scout" when telling me about her recent dream
10. Her still wanting me to sing "Mommy loves her baby"

{The Belly has taken over my lap!}

{with Baby Knox}
1.  Swift kicks to the ribs {happening as I type this}
2.  The big kids insisting on kissing the belly 20 times before bedtime.
3.  Having him all to myself for the next few weeks.  Protected.  Not yet in this world.
4.  Heartburn ... nah.  I won't miss this one!

{Five things I'm looking forward to}
I've made huge effort over the last several months to live in the moment.  To be content in this season of my life.  {Totally recommend The Resolution for Women book.  It's life-changing!}  But at the same time, there are some things that I'm looking forward to in the next few months.

1.  Knox's Birth...not something most people look forward to, but I cannot wait.
2.  Experiencing the excitement of Layne starting school.
3.  Having some personal 1:1 time with Grayson
4.  Not stepping foot in work for at least 12 months.
5.  Nursing my new boy.


  1. What a cute post :) Elsie also makes up songs that seems to last forever! Just when we think she's finished and we all say, "Bravo!", she decides to add five more minutes :)

    Making a list like yours is a cute idea!

  2. Your children are precious as can be, how blessed you are to have them!

    xo Shane

  3. aww what a DARLING post :) i love this idea! found you via the wiegands link up and am excited to follow along xo


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