Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pirate Booty Bags {Tutorial}

While looking for party ideas on Pinterest, I came across a super cute Pirate Party.  And the party organizer pictured really cute "treat bags" that I basically copied and made with all materials that I had at home.  See our Pirate Party post here!


And since the other blog didn't include instructions on how to make them, I thought I would!  I could totally see these bags with other themes too...palm trees or flowers for a Hawaiian Theme or really using cotton to match any them that you choose!

Felt for the X {one 8x10 sheet was enough}
ribbon or string for draw string
sewing machine/thread/etc.

{Prepping Instructions}

Cut strips of burlap that were 8 inches wide by 20 inches long.
Cut X's from Felt.  I free-cutted mine...I was in a hurry! :)
Cut ribbon to desired length to use as drawstring on bag.

{Sewing Instructions}

Start by sewing all of your X's onto the bags.  I folded the burlap in half lengthwise to figure out where the place the X.  I centered it on the front of the bag and stitched all the way along the edges.


Next, with right sides together {meaning your X is on the inside!}, sew ONE SIDE of the bag ONLY!


Now, fold the top edge over about an inch {or wide enough to put your ribbon/string in} and sew all the way along both sides.  {P.S.  I put my ribbon in BEFORE sewing to simplify.  I was just careful not to sew through the ribbon}


Lastly with bags still inside out, sew the other side, but STOP at the stitch line along the top.  You don't want to sew all the way up!

I also added a piece of folded white ribbon to this seam {with folded part on the inside of the bag and raw edges along the seam} to use as a tag to label the bags with each kid's name.  Name tags = less fights later over whose bags are whose!


And you're done!  Repeat 12 more times!!!  Or how many pirate booty bags you need! :)


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