Friday, May 25, 2012

{Instagram} Friday!

Wow.  What a crazy two weeks it's been.  One of my best friends delivered her precious baby boy who had some difficulties breathing and was rushed to the NICU.  He's doing amazing now, but more on that soon.   Matt has been working late lately.  We've had wedding showers, sleepovers, First communions, wedding receptions, and more. 

On to the Instagrams!

Layne and Grayson always take the time to tell their baby brother goodbye when I leave or goodnight at bedtime.  Here, Layne was talking to him and singing to him.  They both ask daily when he gets to come out.  This little boy is already so, so  loved.

The other night, I decided to use up some of my frozen pie crust stash and surprise my family with an Oreo Pie.  Boy, was it delish!  I think Matt and I loved it more than the kids did.

{Pillsbury Pie Shell baked, Big box Jello Oreo Pudding made using Pie Filling directions, Crushed up Oreos}

Layne really wanted daddy to play with her the other night.  And she wanted him to play Princess and Prince.  He got out his suit and put on the pants and jacket and she wore her Cinderella dress.  The Gray had to put on his tuxedo from my Brother-in-law's wedding last year.  In the end, it turned into a wedding with my babies marrying each other and daddy as the officiant.  Too cute!

Grayson had pre-school screening on Wednesday, so mommy had to take a vacation day!  Good news - I have one smart boy on my hands {which we already knew!}.  Bad news - He doesn't qualify for preschool and won't get to go to school with sissy.  Somehow, we ended up at the zoo afterwards. 

And it's Zoobabies at the Cincinnati Zoo.  This mama with her baby camel was so precious!

And here they are getting ready to see the gorillas.  And yes, Layne does have a black eye.  Grayson got a new Power Wheels Quad for his birthday and that thing has caused too many injuries already!  Gray was driving and Layne was on the back and he drove under the swing set making the teeter totter hit her eye.  Poor girl.  And this is Day 6 after it happened!

Side note since I didn't share on the blog, Grayson fell off on the day after his birthday and sliced his head open.  Blood everywhere...filling up a kitchen towel in minutes.  Long story short...he got two staples in his head.  I've got one tough boy too.  No tears at all through the whole process after the initial fall.  They pull bandaids out of his hair, scrubbed the wound, and put in the staples without one wimper or cry! 

And I already shared this one in my 30 week Baby Update, but here it is...the belly shot.

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  1. Oh my gosh, you look SOOOO cute!!! I can't believe how fast that belly grew, WOW! You don't look puffy or anything. Oh...I am so excited for you!


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