Thursday, May 24, 2012

Baby Update {30 weeks}

Wow...time is flying by!  I can't believe that this little guy is due to be here in 10 short weeks.

We have a name!
It's official...well as official as it gets unless we change our mind.  Our baby boy is going to be Knox Hart.  Hart is a family middle name which my dad is appalled, but honored that we are using.  He hated having Hart for a middle name growing up.  We have had a handful of people who really LOVE the name {and a number of them have been blog friends!} and most everyone else says, "That's different."  And my mother-in-law laughed at you, Shelly!  It's okay, we are totally used to people not liking our baby names.  We like it...and it's all that matters!

The baby bump
Well, between 26 and 27 weeks, the belly went through a huge transformation.  I went from..."I can't believe that you are that far along!" to "You must not have too much longer!"  I know I've said this in my previous pregnancies, but I can't imagine growing at this rate for another 10 weeks.

Holy nerve pain!
I've had tons of nerve pain in my thighs lately.  It shoots from my inner thigh all the way to my knee.  I was told when pregnant with Grayson that it's sciatica.  The pain intensity varies from annoying to extreme shocking pain.  I feel like a 90 year old because I have to get up so slowly and avoid any sudden movements.  I can deal though.  And I had felt soooo good for so many weeks that I figured something had to give eventually :)

Maternity Clothes
First, my summer maternity wardrobe has been found!  It was soooo nice to see these clothes again.  My selection of tops went from 5 shirts that I could wear (only 1 of them truly maternity clothes) to 18 shirts(and the maternity clothes fit so good!) .  I've been doing LOTS of sewing and refashions with my maternity clothes lately.  Chopping off unflattering pants to make cute capris, sewing a new maxi dress, and refashioning a XL men's tee into a cute top.  I can't wait to share all of these refashions and maternity sewing next month in my Dressing the Bump series!

Hypnobabies & Drug Free
I'm still doing my Hypnobabies Home Course nearly every single night.  I can see such an improvement with all of my practice.  It is so relaxing and soothing.  And I've been able to practice some of my techniques with my extreme nerve pain.

As I mentioned last time, I plan to go drug-free with this birth.  I have gotten tons of questions like "Why would you ever do this?  You don't get a metal at the end for not using drugs."  Let me try to explain myself.  First, I want to say that in no way would I ever put anyone down for using drugs!  I feel like I have to preface my discussion of why I want to go natural with this because so many women get defensive.  I'm doing it because I feel like this is what is best for me and my baby and will give me the best chance for another VBAC. Yes, I had a medicated VBAC last time, but it was a LONG labor and I feel like it could have been so much shorter had I been able to move around and labor in more effective positions.  I don't want to chance another c-section for failure to progress...only if I need it to save me or my baby :)  Additionally, I believe in a woman's body's ability to birth a baby!  And I believe that with the right techniques and relaxation that it can be a "pain-free" experience. It's unbelievable how much what I've read makes so much sense about why it's so painful and tramatic to most women in the US.

Baby Prep
Still no baby prep...eeep!  I REALLY need to get the kid's room going and then the nursery set up.  And then I can start to pull out the baby clothes, blankets, etc. and get them all washed and ready!  I can totally see doing this while I'm in labor this time :)


  1. I hope you get your drug-free birth! I've done both, and epidurals definitely have their place, but I feel better without them and am hoping to avoid it this time as well.

    Have you ever tried a maternity support belt? Got one of those for the first time this pregnancy (baby #4 for me), and it has mad ea world of difference with back and nerve pain! I can actually DO stuff and move like a (sort of) normal person!

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