Thursday, April 5, 2012

To blog? To sew? To sleep?

This is what my mind is pondering right now :)

For a precious hour to an hour and a half a day (when I'm home with my kids), they take naps.  It's a fight every single time, but they both really still need them.  On no-nap days, we have more frequent meltdowns and it makes bedtime a bear!  That is if we even make it to bedtime.  If we don't have naps and we go somewhere, they are both asleep in the car right away.  And have been known to sleep from 6pm to 6 or 7 am!

I struggle with making Layne take a nap still.  She's almost 5 and will be starting Kindergarten in the fall.  And it will be all day...with no naps.  I know that it will be a rough transition when naps are finally done and school starts.  But she still needs them now.  Oh, the things that moms stress over.

Since my body has been making Baby #3, I've been napping with them almost every time that I can.   But lately, I finally feel like getting up and doing something!

I've been sewing lots of goodies to share with you soon!  A new quilt, an Easter dress, a new outfit for Layne, and PJ pants for Gray.  Well...I haven't started the PJs for Gray yet.  But I plan to today!

But sleep sounds so good.  So today, sleep wins.  

Blogging and sewing can wait another day :)

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