Thursday, April 12, 2012

Best Deal Ever!

Sometimes the thought of driving 30 minutes to the mall, with my kids, fighting them about getting ice cream or wanting to ride the carousel totally overwhelms me.  I love to shop online.

Anyone else with me?

Christmas Shopping?  50% was done online this year.
Mother's Day Shopping?  Check.  Ordered and shipped right to my door for free.

One of the best websites that I found shopping online is Ebates (ShopatHome is another one).  This is a website that you go to before you begin shopping, find the store you want to shop at, and access the store through Ebate's website.  They track your purchase and you earn a % of what you spend back.

Usually you earn 1-5% of what you spend back in cash, but I've seen some stores offer up to 10-20% cash back at times! 

Since starting Ebates in 2009, I've been paid over $67 in cash back!  Score!

Disclaimer:  I'm not getting paid anything other than the regular Ebates referral bonus for saying this :)  I just love that I can get paid to shop online!

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