Friday, March 2, 2012

What's in a name?

Baby names, that is.

We are having such a hard time naming this little boy!  Giving a name is such a responsibility.  And it's not an easy job!

Here's our criteria:

We want our name to be unique (after all, Sarah was the # name in 1984 and Matthew was the #3 name in 1982).  I'm okay with being in the top 100, but not top 20.

We want something that fits a child through adult and wouldn't sound bad for a Lawyer, Doctor, or President.  (What?  We have high hopes for our children!)

We want something that is sort of simple.  I like 1-2 syllable names.  Something that isn't too much of a mouth full or too difficult to pronounce.
With Layne, we knew what we were going to name her if she was a girl right away.  I liked Hawaiian sounding names - Leila, Leilani.  Matt suggested Layne and I loved the compromise.  Simple, unique, great name for a child or adult.  And Laynie had the same feel as the names that I liked.

Her middle name was a different story.  I stressed over her middle name big time. We felt that her middle name should be very feminine since her first name could be perceived as masculine.  I loved the name Dahlila (Delilah), but we also considered Eliza.   I had a very hard time with giving her a name that had such negative associations in the bible. We came up with the name before the "Hey there Delilah" song, but the song totally made me decide that I loved the name no matter what.  I did have to be difficult and spell is differently.
With Grayson, we named him 2-3 times throughout the pregnancy.  He was Cole for about 2 months.  Then he was Cort for a few weeks, but neither name stuck.  I just didn't like them near as much after we used them.  When I was in labor, Matt bought a baby name book in the Hospital Gift Shop.  Grayson was one of the two names we liked (I can't remember the other for the life of me!!!).  I felt like the name paid heritage to my dad, who's name is Ray and it totally fit him once he was born.

Douglas was a no brainer for us.  My husband's middle name is Douglas and his father's middle name is Douglas.  So there you go!

Side Note:  The whole time we considered Grayson's name, we said Grayson Douglas Nelson.  Sounds good.  Around 4-5 weeks after he was born, we realized it was Grayson Nelson....which totally rhymes.  Crap.  So when he registers for school, his name will be Gray Nelson :)

Now for this boy.  I'm pretty sure he won't have a name for quite sometime.

Big sister likes Max.  We both like it, but it seems a bit too common for us.  Layne, Gray, and Max sound good together.  If we did it, we would probably name him Maximus.  But I don't love it.

Daddy likes Sawyer.  Sawyer is okay.  It's not an immediate "no" for me like a few of his other suggestions.  But all of our kids have nicknames....what do you nickname Sawyer?  And Sawyer seems sort of serious, which is not what I picture...maybe since our Gray boy is such a clown.  I like it.  But I don't love it.

Mommy loves the name Calen or Cullen.  Yes, I am a Twilight fan.  Yes, Cullen came from Twilight.  But Calen didn't :)  Mommy loves it.  But daddy doesn't even like it.

We both liked Harper for a girl.  But we still kind of like it for a boy.  I just have a hard time with it because a girl with a masculine name is not near as bad as a boy with a feminine name...ya know?  Once again, we all like it.  But I don't love it.

I just want us to decide one something.  I loved being about to refer to Layne by name in utero.  It just made it feel more special.  Like she already had an identity wasn't just "baby girl" or "her." 

Maybe we'll have to come up with a nickname for the peanut.


  1. Boy names are IMPOSSIBLE! And girl, I knew you had a "Grayson" but I didn't know he was Grayson Douglas!!! Our Grayson is Grayson Douglas, too!!!! What?!?! That's crazy! I always thought it sounded like a good Senator's name...;)

    I always liked Tucker or Finn...dh said no way...;)
    Good luck w/the baby naming! So fun, but so hard!!!!

  2. I like Cullen too! We considered Kellen if Lyla had been a boy since it had the same sound but wasn't so directly related to Twilight...especially since John is Team Jacob. :)

  3. I had to laugh at this post, because a) we were in the same boat with boy names, and b)these are the EXACT same boy names we had tossed around! I was actually relieved to see a girl on our ultrasound, because I could forget about how hard boy names were! Can't wait to hear what you guys pick! :)

  4. We also had a time with deciding Brayden's. Boy names are so much harder. It wasn't my first pick. I liked Owen and Oliver. But of course Frank was not that big of a fan of either so, our compromise ended up being that he picked his first name and I chose the middle name, Isaac. Which worked out perfectly and it fits him so well. Good luck and I am sure whatever you guys chose it will be perfect for your little one. :)


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