Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh my! It's March!

Where did February go!?!?!

We celebrated four birthdays in our family this month. (Happy Birthday to my sis Rachel, nieces Josie and Payton, and Papaw Randy!)  And welcomed a sweet new baby into our family!  My niece, Rielynn Claire, was born on Saturday!

We found out that this little one in my belly was a boy!


I was talked about mommyhood quite a bit this month.  We talked about mommy guilt and mother's intuition.

And I got to share my new quilt for my Baby Rielynn.  And was featured quite a few times for this!


And I shared my new favorite $2.50 scarf.  So easy and quick to make!


I'm feeling a million times better lately! Hopefully you'll be seeing some fun new projects soon :)

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