Friday, February 17, 2012


Last weekend, we had date night!  It doesn't happen as often as it should and it was so refreshing!

We planned to go to a nice dinner and movie, but every place we went was packed!  That's what we get for trying to go out the Saturday before Valentine's Day :-/

We ended up settling for Penn Station (warm, yummy subs), which was a nice change because we can't eat there as a family since they use Peanut Oil.

Then stopped by United Dairy Farmers so this preggo could get her ice cream cone fix and then headed to a less crowded movie theater (that still had lines out the door). Yes, I ate my ice cream outside waiting in line in the 30 degree weather.  It was a good ice cream though!

We saw The Vow.  Yes, thank you to my wonderful husband for being willing to go along to the chick flick - even though he did complain a little.

I loved the movie.  It was a little predictable.  And definitely a chick movie, but I loved it.  Does it help if I tell you that my favorite movies of all time are Sweet Home Alabama, 50 First Dates, Time Traveler's Wife, Dear John, etc.?

My favorite part of the movie was their wedding vows to each other.  Totally made this hormonal momma cry.

I thought I'd write a few vows of my own :)


To my husband:

I vow to not put your picture on my blog unless I get approval from you.  I know how much you hate this and how much it makes you want to take a picture of me with tissues hanging out of my nose stopping the snot from running and post it here.

I vow to make more time for us.  Because last weekend was fun.  And there was no figuring out who's brushing who's teeth or read who's story.  It was just us, like it used to be. 

I vow to love you whole heartedly, no matter what, for the rest of our lives.  I'm in this until the end.  And I love you more than you'll ever know.

{Can you tell I've been sick? :(  I need to take new pictures of my kids!}

To my Laynie:

I vow to TRY to let go a little more.  To let you be more independent like you want to.  I'm trying to be okay with you going to school in the fall.  I'm really trying.

I vow to do more crafts with you.  To let you take control and do what you want.  Even if it means that my original vision of our project turns out differently than I originally planned.  And I'll let you cut.  And sew (by hand).  And glue (but still not hot glue!).

I vow to teach you to love.  And to be kind.  Because that's the kind of daughter I want you to be. 


To my Gray Gray:

I vow to read to you every single time you ask me to.  And I vow to do it right away instead of asking you to wait a minute.

I vow to try to find a better way to discipline you.  Because what we do now leaves us both frustrated.  I vow to find a way that works and shows you that I still love you.

I vow to laugh at you all the time.  Because, after all, that's what you want.  You want to make us laugh and you do a darn good job of it!


  1. These are so sweet, Sarah!!! I love the one to your husband the most! I'm so glad ya'll got to have a date night together! Cory and I are about to go out without Lexie for the first time in 2 years. We may end up lost and confused about where we are. ;o)

  2. Date night woohoo!! When my hubby gets back for R&R (2 week leave) I want to do the date night thing for sure;)

    Definitely want to see The Vow...glad you liked it!

    Have you heard of Shepherding a Child's Heart? Excellent read and must have book:):):):)


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