Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Momma's Intuition

Trust it.  That's all I really have to say about that.

Well, besides a story I have for you.  You know I couldn't make a post that short, didn't you? :)

Layne has snored for quite sometime.  My gut told me that it wasn't normal, but the few people I mentioned it too acted like they wouldn't be concerned.  So I let it go for a while.

Then in December, I noticed a few bouts of apnea as she was sleeping with us.  Nothing too major, but enough where she stopped breathing for 5-7 seconds.  So, I got a little concerned.

I started with our pediatrician who wanted to see us to check her out.  We went in for a visit and he took a look.  "No, she doesn't look sick."  "Her tonsils look fine."  "Are you sure she had apneas?"  But they took me seriously and sent us to an ENT.

We scheduled a visit to the ENT and this whole time, I started to doubt myself.  Was this all in my head?  After all, I just told my husband that I'm pretty sure he does this too.  Surely I didn't make this up, right?

Well, visit to the ENT and they sent us for a x-ray of her adenoids.  We wait.  She gets the x-ray (by herself too because mommy couldn't stay in there because I'm pregnant.).  We wait more.  Then we find out that her adenoids are huge.  Almost totally blocking her nasal airway.

And everything started to make sense.  Her restlessness at night.  Her mouth breathing.  Her constant thirstiness all night long.  Her stuffy nose when she wasn't sick.  Her snoring.  And her sleep apnea.

Today, she had her adenoids removed.  She was a trooper.  The surgery was simple and quick.  Only about 15 minutes.  She ate 5 popsicles, 2 little boxes of cereal, and 6 squares of graham crackers in recovery.  And the Dr. said they were huge!

{Leaving in her car/wheel chair}

And this momma was glad that she trusted her intuition.


  1. You go Momma! A Mother's intuition is a God given gift, not to be questioned by anyone! Blessings from Bama!

  2. WOW! That's awesome! It's amazing what a difference it makes having those suckers out. Whitney is SOOOOO much better.

  3. Way to follow your intuition Mama! :) She looks like she's doing good! Such a cool looking ride she has there too!


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