Monday, February 27, 2012

$2.50 Scarf!

I've been dying to make a scarf all winter.  I love scarves.  They make your outfit look "finished" and accessorized.  It can dress up a plain tee and jeans.

One of my favorite scarves is this maroon ruffly scarf.  It is so cute on!  So, I thought I'd make one like it. In purple :)


I decided to use knit fabric because it would be so comfy.  I purchased 1/4 yd at Hancock Fabric.  On sale  - $8.99/yd.  = $2.38

I for it home and cut it in half in lengthwise.  Then I sewed the ends together to create one long piece of fabric (112" long).  I added two ruffle stitches 1/3 of the way along the width and 2/3 of the way along the width.  It still wasn't quite ruffly enough, so I gathered it a bit more before tying off the ends.


Super easy.  And super cute.


  1. Love it - that color is so deep and rich and gorgeous! and I love that you're wearing it with gray - so pretty! I wish I could sew or make something gorgeous like this - I'm very jealous! : )

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist

  2. That's so cute! Love the color and the style! And the price too!! Thanks for linking at Shine on Fridays!


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