Thursday, January 12, 2012

My "Luck"...

Since I started driving around 11 years ago, I've driven four different cars.  Let me tell you a little about my experiences with each of them...

2000 Toyota Celica
When I turned 16, my parents bought me a brand new car.  No, I wasn't "so lucky" for getting a new car at 16.  It was a deal and I worked for it.  You see, my parents knew I was a straight A student in middle school.  When I started high school, they promised me that if I still had straight A's when I turned 16, I could get a new car.  They assumed that I would get scholarships for college, and they'd buy the car instead {and yes, I did get a full ride scholarship to earn my degree in Chemistry}.

One day in June {right after graduation}, Matt and I were leaving my house and going to his house.  He was driving and had just rained for the first time in like a month.  As we went around what we call the "bad bend" on the way between our houses, we lost control.  We were sideways for a bit.  Matt was trying to gain control, and eventually, we ended up facing the opposite way, went off the other side of the road and the car flipped end over end, landing on it's roof/side.  I was wearing a seat belt...he wasn't.  But we were both able to climb out the passenger window totally unharmed.  Oddly enough, no air bags went off.  The car...totalled. 

1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue
After that, I drove my mom's car for a few years.  They certainly weren't giving us a brand new car again :)  I drove that car through most of college.  No major accidents, but I did rear end someone...twice.  Neither time did the other car have damage or report it {the one car was actually on it's way to be donate to Goodwill!}.

2004 GMC Envoy
When I finally bought my first car by myself, I bought a small SUV.  I knew we'd be having a family in the near future {at least before we'd be getting another car} and living where we live, four wheel drive is a must in the winter.   I really liked this car!

In March 15, 2007 {on my birthday}, I was on my way to work.  All of a sudden the car in front of my slammed on its breaks rear ending the car in front of it, causing me to rear end them, and the car behind me to do the same.  I was pregnant with Layne, so I was quite shaken up, but after getting checked out, we were both perfectly fine.  {And we can't remember how the car was...must not have been bad}.

Fast forward to November 2009, I'm driving home from work on the expressway in the middle lane.  Traffic was completely backed up in the right lane next to me.  A car decided to pull out from a complete stop in front of me going at least 55 miles per hour.  I swirved to the left lane to miss plowing into them and totally lost control.  I know that I spun around at least once and even felt like the car was getting ready to tip on it's side at one point.   I ended up in the shoulder completely perpendicular to the lane facing all of the traffic.  It was a miracle that I didn't hit anyone else.  Once again, I was totally unharmed besides seat belt bruising and air bag burns on my arm.  This time, the car was not...again...a total.

2009 GMC Yukon
We bought this right after the last accident.  By then, we had both kids already and I knew we wanted a slightly bigger SUV than the one we had.  We found this one for a great deal since it was used as a demo vehicle for the dealership.

In January 2011, I was once again on my way to work.  It was pretty snowy and I was driving along in the right lane.  I noticed a car waiting to pull out of an upcoming intersection, so I got into the left lane to allow her to pull out.  Well, this blocked my view of what was coming and before I knew it, I felt the crash and all of the side curtain air bags went off.  I later found out that two deer ran into the side of my car and the van that I let out also hit deer.  Lots of damage to the whole side of my car and the inside headliner becsause of the was not driveable and wouldn't move {I assume a safety feature because of the side airbags}. The car was fixed and I love this thing.

Summer 2011, I was pulling up to a jewelry hostess' house to do a jewelry party for her.  A little boy started to run out into the road.  I slammed on my breaks.  He went back to the sidewalk, but I was watching him really closely and totally side swiped the parked car next to me.  Turns out it was someone I know and it did little damage to his car, but my poor car has a scratch and even a crack down the entire side of the car.

And on Monday last week, we were out and about. We just took the kids to the movies to see the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie and we were headed to pick up carry out to take to my mom for her birthday.  It was snowing light flurries, but at some point, the snow melted and the roads froze...very quickly.  We realized we were sliding and my great driver husband put it in 4WD and we were just fine.  We were at a traffic light when Matt noticed the car behind us wasn't stopping.  She slid right into our car.  She was driving a small car, so our tank did a number to her hood, but all we had was a cracked bumper.  It was fortunately, the first time the kids were ever with us when something happened...and aside from my sore stomach from the seatbelt, we were once again okay.

Someone made the comment that we have such bad luck.  And that comment got me thinking.  First of all, I don't believe in luck.  I do believe that God has a plan.  And what happens is part of his plan.  Luck...nah...

And when I really think about it, I don't view all of this as bad {luck or fate or whatever}.  In every one of the bad accidents, we somehow {with God's Grace} avoided hitting any other vehicles.  And never were we injured more than scrapes, burns, and bruises. 

So no, I don't think we have bad luck.  I think it was all by God's good grace that our accidents ended as well as they did!


  1. Geesh Sarah! Luck or no luck - your car insurance payments must be insane! So glad you're okay!!

    1. Actually, they aren't bad! We pay about $130 per month for both of us with newer, expensive cars :)


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