Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Inspiration....Kids Room

One of my goals for 2012 was to redecorate my kid's rooms. 

Well with the addition of this little one in August, we are rethinking our 3 bedrooms.  My babies have always slept best in their own rooms.  They sleep so much more sound.  So, I'm thinking about putting the baby in Gray's room and moving the kids together in Layne's room since it is a little bigger {but still not big by any means!  They have tiny rooms!}

And I'm trying to be very creative with space.  And make it boy/girl shared room appropriate.  While letting them each have their own areas.  Whew.  How's that for a challenge!?!

Here's my inspiration.

1) {Bunk Beds} {bunk bed source} {bottom bunk fort} We HAVE to have bunk beds.  There is no way to fit two beds in this bed room.  Seriously.  And I'm really digging the bunk beds with steps on the side.  The ladders make me a little nervous...especially with my monkeys.  And I love that there can be drawers built into the stairs.  And under the bed drawers built in too.  With a price tag of at least $800...my hubby has been given the challenge to design and build our own!  I'm super excited to do this project this spring/summer!

I also want to do something special for each of their beds.  We were thinking a canopy of some sort for Layne's {top bunk} and a curtain that Gray can pull closed {bottom bunk}.

2) {Bedding} {quilt source} {pirate pillow source}  I am definitely making quilts for their beds.  I love the idea of a strip quilt for Layne's bed.  And I'm digging the idea for Gray's too.  I was thinking of doing the strips and then appliquing something big on top.  Like the skull/crossbones for Gray since he is totally into pirates or a Superman or Batman emblem.  And I'll have to come up with something for Layne :) 

3) {Storage} {superhero bin source}I LOVE the cube storage by Closetmaid from Target.  We have two of these in each of the kids rooms.  Gray has the 2x4 cube ones like in the picture above, but his are turned on the side.  And Layne has the 3x3 cube ones in her room.  Not quite sure how it will work yet, but I'm definitely incorporating these somehow!  And we use the bins like in the Super Hero bin picture.  What a great idea to embellish them and make them fun!  Not quite sure what I'll do on them yet, but I love this idea.

4) {Color} Boo.  How am I going to make color work in this room while still letting it be boyish and girly?  I don't want to stick with gender neutral colors, but I'm thinking the walls will definitely be yellow or gray.  Any other suggestions?  I will definitely let their beddings and personal shelves speak to their own style and colors.


  1. Scarlett and Alli have bunk beds with stairs and they're great! They have drawers in the stairs too which is perfect since, like you, we are limited on space and need every inch of storage. If you ever want to measure or see how they're put together, you're welcome to come over and check them out!

  2. I like the color scheme of the turquoise, lime, purple and gray. It can be versatile enough to incorporate girl and boy touches as you go! My brother and I shared a room and had bunk beds growing up. It's not so bad. :)


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