Saturday, January 28, 2012

Baby Update - 13 Weeks

Since I posted my announcement, I haven't updated on the pregnancy. Or much else for that matter :)

We are 13 weeks!  Which means second trimester!!! It's crazy to think that we are 1/3 of the way there.

{Baby @ 9 weeks}

And *saying a little prayer it stays this way* I'm finally able to eat a normal sized meal.  Nausea is pretty much gone.  I can stomach food.  And I can actually stay awake past 8:30 now.

The kids are super excited.  Well, let me rephrase.  Layne is super excited.  Grayson is semi-excited.  They sing to my belly.  Talk to it.  Kiss is good bye.  It's the sweetest thing ever.

We have a paper link chain thingy that they made to count down the days until we find out what we are having.  Only 21 days!!!!

This little baby has fingerprints already!  She's 3 inches long (about the size of a jumbo shrimp). 

The bump is kinda there, kinda not.  I just wish it would make up its mind!  Last week, I clearly looked pregnant.  This week, not so much.  Guess it was bloating :-/  I absolutely LOVE having a baby bump, so I'm looking forward to this part!

I'm really trying to soak it all in and really enjoy this pregnancy since it's likely our last.  Unfortunately, I haven't been very successful.  There's many days that I forget that I'm pregnant until I get a little nauseous or feel a little heartburn.  It's been a hectic 2-3 months.

But I have given the birth a lot of consideration.  And I'm doing TONS of reading up.  I had a c-section with Layne (failure to progress, diagnosed CPD...blah, blah, blah), a VBAC (Vaginal Birth after C/S)with Gray, and I'm planning my second VBAC for this baby.  I'm really wanting a natural birth this time.  Yes, I know they make pain medication for a reason.  No, I wouldn't get a root canal without novacaine.  But I have my reasons.

And I'm educating myself about birth more than I ever have before.  With Layne, I was pretty unprepared.  I figured my doctor would guide me in the right direction.  WRONG.  With Grayson, I was extremely educated on VBACs.  I knew my success rates, risks for c-sections and VBACs, c-sections rates for all of the local hospitals and doctors.  But ultimately, I knew I'd get an epidural. This time, I'm reading about what our bodies can do if you let them.  And how to relax your body and manage the pain. 

Oh, and in case you are interested, here's my reading list.  Thanks to

 Your Best Birth (Ricki Lake) - don't hate! It's a good book that gives you your options.

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth - in progress.  It's kind of hippy, but is motivating and inspirational.

The Bradley Method - supposed to have good relaxation techniques.  I'll be reading it next!

Here are some good VBAC resources too.  Just in case you know someone who is curious.

Birth after Cesearan: The Medical Facts (Bruce Flamm) - old book, but presents facts very fairly.

The VBAC Companion (Diana Korte) - Good information and motivation.


  1. Yay!!! I hope you're enjoying your reading and I like the attitude, girl!! :) You're an amazing lady and I am soooooo excited for you and this new little life inside you!

  2. I'm so excited for you! Only 21 more days until you're able to choose a definite name and paint a nursery and buy clothes... :o)

    I'm headed to Texas next month to go see my best friend who is due in June. I absolutely can't wait. When we were growing up, we planned on living next door to each other and being pregnant at the same time. :o) Of course, that didn't really happen, but I am so excited to go spend time with her while she's pregnant and share this time with her!!

  3. Im so looking forward to how this plays out! I know you can do whatever you put your mind to! I am totally supportive!

  4. SARAH! You can SOOOO do this! I can't tell you how empowering it is to be able to say "um...yea, I did that....NATURALLY!" Regardless if you actually go with or without and epidural (and you WILL), just being able to say to yourself that you got __cm without meds is pretty awesome! Those are great resources and another good one for Matt would be Husband Coached Childbirth by Dr. Bradley himself! It's full of helpful info for what he can do during labor. It's also not so bad if you can read it yourself!! I highly recommend a Bradley Method class too (even though they are pretty $, they are SO worth it in the end!) No matter what, education on what is exactly going on inside your body and what the drs mean when they spill out medical lingo is KEY! I can't stress that enough!!! Good luck! Hit me up if you have any questions or just want to talk about Maci's birth and how it actually was for me. Or you could always read about it here ( I'm so excited for you! It's an indescribable experience to witness God's creation at work!! Truely amazing what our bodies are capable of and our natural instincts taking part. Okay, I'll stop rambling. I'm obviously a little passionate about this sort of thing :)

  5. Congrats Mama, I am so happy for you!


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