Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Inspiration....Kids Room

One of my goals for 2012 was to redecorate my kid's rooms. 

Well with the addition of this little one in August, we are rethinking our 3 bedrooms.  My babies have always slept best in their own rooms.  They sleep so much more sound.  So, I'm thinking about putting the baby in Gray's room and moving the kids together in Layne's room since it is a little bigger {but still not big by any means!  They have tiny rooms!}

And I'm trying to be very creative with space.  And make it boy/girl shared room appropriate.  While letting them each have their own areas.  Whew.  How's that for a challenge!?!

Here's my inspiration.

1) {Bunk Beds} {bunk bed source} {bottom bunk fort} We HAVE to have bunk beds.  There is no way to fit two beds in this bed room.  Seriously.  And I'm really digging the bunk beds with steps on the side.  The ladders make me a little nervous...especially with my monkeys.  And I love that there can be drawers built into the stairs.  And under the bed drawers built in too.  With a price tag of at least $800...my hubby has been given the challenge to design and build our own!  I'm super excited to do this project this spring/summer!

I also want to do something special for each of their beds.  We were thinking a canopy of some sort for Layne's {top bunk} and a curtain that Gray can pull closed {bottom bunk}.

2) {Bedding} {quilt source} {pirate pillow source}  I am definitely making quilts for their beds.  I love the idea of a strip quilt for Layne's bed.  And I'm digging the idea for Gray's too.  I was thinking of doing the strips and then appliquing something big on top.  Like the skull/crossbones for Gray since he is totally into pirates or a Superman or Batman emblem.  And I'll have to come up with something for Layne :) 

3) {Storage} {superhero bin source}I LOVE the cube storage by Closetmaid from Target.  We have two of these in each of the kids rooms.  Gray has the 2x4 cube ones like in the picture above, but his are turned on the side.  And Layne has the 3x3 cube ones in her room.  Not quite sure how it will work yet, but I'm definitely incorporating these somehow!  And we use the bins like in the Super Hero bin picture.  What a great idea to embellish them and make them fun!  Not quite sure what I'll do on them yet, but I love this idea.

4) {Color} Boo.  How am I going to make color work in this room while still letting it be boyish and girly?  I don't want to stick with gender neutral colors, but I'm thinking the walls will definitely be yellow or gray.  Any other suggestions?  I will definitely let their beddings and personal shelves speak to their own style and colors.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Baby Update - 13 Weeks

Since I posted my announcement, I haven't updated on the pregnancy. Or much else for that matter :)

We are 13 weeks!  Which means second trimester!!! It's crazy to think that we are 1/3 of the way there.

{Baby @ 9 weeks}

And *saying a little prayer it stays this way* I'm finally able to eat a normal sized meal.  Nausea is pretty much gone.  I can stomach food.  And I can actually stay awake past 8:30 now.

The kids are super excited.  Well, let me rephrase.  Layne is super excited.  Grayson is semi-excited.  They sing to my belly.  Talk to it.  Kiss is good bye.  It's the sweetest thing ever.

We have a paper link chain thingy that they made to count down the days until we find out what we are having.  Only 21 days!!!!

This little baby has fingerprints already!  She's 3 inches long (about the size of a jumbo shrimp). 

The bump is kinda there, kinda not.  I just wish it would make up its mind!  Last week, I clearly looked pregnant.  This week, not so much.  Guess it was bloating :-/  I absolutely LOVE having a baby bump, so I'm looking forward to this part!

I'm really trying to soak it all in and really enjoy this pregnancy since it's likely our last.  Unfortunately, I haven't been very successful.  There's many days that I forget that I'm pregnant until I get a little nauseous or feel a little heartburn.  It's been a hectic 2-3 months.

But I have given the birth a lot of consideration.  And I'm doing TONS of reading up.  I had a c-section with Layne (failure to progress, diagnosed CPD...blah, blah, blah), a VBAC (Vaginal Birth after C/S)with Gray, and I'm planning my second VBAC for this baby.  I'm really wanting a natural birth this time.  Yes, I know they make pain medication for a reason.  No, I wouldn't get a root canal without novacaine.  But I have my reasons.

And I'm educating myself about birth more than I ever have before.  With Layne, I was pretty unprepared.  I figured my doctor would guide me in the right direction.  WRONG.  With Grayson, I was extremely educated on VBACs.  I knew my success rates, risks for c-sections and VBACs, c-sections rates for all of the local hospitals and doctors.  But ultimately, I knew I'd get an epidural. This time, I'm reading about what our bodies can do if you let them.  And how to relax your body and manage the pain. 

Oh, and in case you are interested, here's my reading list.  Thanks to http://crunchybabymaybe.blogspot.com/.

 Your Best Birth (Ricki Lake) - don't hate! It's a good book that gives you your options.

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth - in progress.  It's kind of hippy, but is motivating and inspirational.

The Bradley Method - supposed to have good relaxation techniques.  I'll be reading it next!

Here are some good VBAC resources too.  Just in case you know someone who is curious.

Birth after Cesearan: The Medical Facts (Bruce Flamm) - old book, but presents facts very fairly.

The VBAC Companion (Diana Korte) - Good information and motivation.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

When I grow up...

When I grow up...
I want to be just like my Grandma.

She is one of the strongest ladies that I know.
She's dealt with a lot in her life and she's perservered.
She raised four kids, has four grandkids, and 6 great grandkids.

She is one of the craftiest, baking-est, sewing-est people that I know.
If she had a blog, she'd be as popular as Pioneer Woman.
She makes the best breads, holiday dinners, and dumplings.
She even just made a new bedspread...with a stencil she made and spray paint.
It's totally blog worthy!

Not only that, but she babysits her great grandkids often.
And I'm 27, so you can figure out how old she must be :)
These kids are a feat for a 20 something year old...let alone a grandma or great grandma.
She's got at least one great grandkid at her house 2-3 days a week.

{Grandma & Layne - Easter 2008}
And every time she watches them, they do something special together.
Make handprint picture frames
Build gingerbread houses
Plant in the garden
Pick flower for mom

And what I most want to be like her for?
She does a little something special for each of us all the time.

Like yesterday, she watched my kids all day. 
And when I picked them up, she made a pizza with the kids for us for dinner.
Sure, it gave them something to do.
But I know that in her mind, she was worried about me making dinner after this hectic week.
{And she made one to send for my mom & dad too}

{Grandma & my Mom}

When we were growing up,
one year she took me and each of my sisters to Gatlinburg for our birthdays.
Just so that we felt special.
And our birthdays are in January, February, and March...
Which means she went to Gatlinburg three months in a row.

And every year, she and Grandpa Dave took us back to school shopping.
We were always cranky after shopping to find new jeans, shirts, and coats for three girls.
Looking back though, what a huge help she was to my mom.  And a blessing to us.

And if she hears that you need something,
She's gotten it for you by the next time you visit
Or she sends it with someone else who is going to see you first.

Seriously, I want to be so Thoughtful.  Loving.  Helpful.

Love you Grandma!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Oh, how I loathe peanuts...

I shared with you last week about my recurring anxiety.

And today, I just wanted to share some information about peanut allergies.  It's not as obvious as everyone thinks it is. 

Please take a minute to read this, even if you don't know anyone with a peanut allergy.  Chances are, your kids will end up friends with someone who does, or there's someone who's in your church or in your child's class who has one.  And this information might just save a life one day.

4 in every 10 kids have a food allergy (CDC/NCHS Study, "Food Allergy Among U.S. Children...")

And in from 1997 to 2007, food allergies have increased 18% in children.  (CDC/NCHS Study, "Food Allergy Among U.S. Children...")

Disclaimer:  I'm not an expert, just one momma who has done her research to learn as much as she can.  Don't take this as medical advice.

Peanut allergies can vary in severity.  The moderate to severe allergies can cause anything from hives to anaphylaxis depending on how much peanut the person was exposed to.  Anaphylaxis is the severe, life threatening allergic response that can have symptoms of lowered blood pressure, wheezing, vomiting, and hives.  And what's happening is that the airways begin to swell causing suffucation.

The only treatment of anaphylaxis is epinepherine.  Likely administered through an epi-pen.  In mild allergic reactions, anti-histamines (like Benadryl) can be used.

What most people don't realize is you don't have to eat a peanut or peanut butter to have a severe reaction.  Tons of foods are made on the same equipment or in the same manufacturing facility as peanuts.  And there's enough peanut protein in the air or on the equipment to contaminate the food to a high enough level to cause a reaction.

Layne has had several reactions...two that were indicative of early signs of anaphylaxis.  Neither time did she eat peanuts or peanut butter.  Once was Easter candy that was manufactured around peanuts (this was before we knew she was allergic).  The second was just this year at Christmas.  She ate some chocolate chip cookie cake that we were told was fine...and it wasn't.

Also, a person with a peanut allergy does not have to eat something containing peanuts or contaminated to have a reaction.  It can be direct contact, ingestion, or airborne inhalation. If a friend eats a peanut butter sandwich, then touches someone with an allergy, that's enough for them to have a reaction.

Layne has once.  At a get together, someone ate some peanut butter brownies, kissed her goodbye or touched her and she broke out into hives. 

How do you know if a food is safe?

Read the labels.  The whole nutritional information label.  Sometimes it's in the ingredients.  Sometimes it's called out as an allergen alert.  Sometimes it has a simple statement "Contains: Milk, Soy, Peanuts"  Sometimes it says "Made in a facility that also handles peanut products."

Why am I telling you this?  What does it matter?

1) This is my daughter's life.  And millions of other kids too.

2) The biggest barrier I see with peanut allergies is miseducation.  Or lack of education.  Unless you personally know someone with a peanut allergy, you likely aren't aware of the severity of this illness.
Knowledge is key.

3)  Asking you for patience and understanding if you come into contact with a family with a peanut allergy.  I know it's going to be a pain, but Layne will have her epi-pen with her at all times when she goes to school.  And she likely won't be able to eat lunch with her friends. But just be considerate if someone asks you to check for peanuts or avoid them. 

If you made it this far, thank you for reading.  Feel free to share this with anyone you think may benefit from this!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Giveaway Advertising Winners!!

I can't believe I forgot to announce these winners!?!?!

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Friday, January 13, 2012

My Anxious Heart

I've always been somewhat of a worrier.

Not enough where it consumes me, but where I would lay awake at night worrying about an assignment due when I was in high school.  Or juggling work and school while I was in college.  Or if that was a regular cough, a whopping cough, or a croupy cough now that I have kids.

Several years ago, I decided to trust God with my worries.  And trust that what happens is His plan.  And I've done that...mostly. 

Grayson and I both had surgery last year and Layne has to have surgery next month.  And I'm not anxious about it at all.

Money gets tight.  But I know God will provide for us.


There's just one things that I can't let go of.  And sometimes the fear just consumes me to the point of panic.  I KNOW that I should trust that God will take care of this, but it's so hard to let go and trust.

You see, Layne has a peanut allergy.  One that we've found is what I would consider moderately severe. 

Up to this point, she has only been cared for by close friends and family.  When she's not with us, she's with one of her grandparents or aunts or uncles.  She's taken dance classes and soccer classes, but one of us has been there with her.  I check the church snacks every single week when she goes to class. And we monitor every things she puts in her mouth.  We don't even have peanuts or peanut butter in our home.  Occasionally we'll buy something that was made around peanuts, but its stored in a high cabinet that she can't reach.  And Matt or I will eat it when we're at work.  Away from her.

And if when we do eat something containing peanuts, we do the whole "scrub down" procedure.  Where we brush our teeth and thoroughly rinse our toothbrushes, wash our mouth and face, scrub our hands.  And even then, I won't kiss her.

But in August, she'll be starting Kindergarden.  Where I'll have to go and drop her off.  Trusting her in the care of a stranger for 7 or 8 hours every day.  A stranger who may or may not take her condition as seriously as we do.  Who may think, "This birthday cupcake from her friend doesn't have peanuts in it." and lets her eat something she shouldn't.  Or where her friend on the playground may share a gummy bear with her that this one kind was made around peanuts.


I'm not exaggerating.  My heart beats faster thinking about it.  I have to concentrate to breathe.  These thoughts send me into a full blown panic attack.  Enough where I really.  really.  really. want to homeschool her.  But is that fair to Layne?  Not to mention that I work 4 days a week right now.

I used to think how unfair it was to her not to be able to eat that cookie or that birthday cake, but she's great about her allergy.  I've learned to check ahead of time what kind of cake, etc. will be at a party and bring our own cupcake if it won't be okay for her.  She's stopped getting dissappointed and upset when I tell her she can't have something because it has peanuts. 

And Layne is awesome about asking before she eats anything.  The scary part is, the person she asks may or may not be educated on peanut allergies.  "No, that pretzel doesn't have any peanuts in it."  When that pretzel was made in a factory that also processes peanuts.  They are everywhere.  So next week, I'm going to talk about peanut allergies.  And if you have any children, regardless of if they have allergies or not, I ask you to read please.  Because if nothing else, you may save one child from a severe reaction or death.  Just by being educated.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My "Luck"...

Since I started driving around 11 years ago, I've driven four different cars.  Let me tell you a little about my experiences with each of them...

2000 Toyota Celica
When I turned 16, my parents bought me a brand new car.  No, I wasn't "so lucky" for getting a new car at 16.  It was a deal and I worked for it.  You see, my parents knew I was a straight A student in middle school.  When I started high school, they promised me that if I still had straight A's when I turned 16, I could get a new car.  They assumed that I would get scholarships for college, and they'd buy the car instead {and yes, I did get a full ride scholarship to earn my degree in Chemistry}.

One day in June {right after graduation}, Matt and I were leaving my house and going to his house.  He was driving and had just rained for the first time in like a month.  As we went around what we call the "bad bend" on the way between our houses, we lost control.  We were sideways for a bit.  Matt was trying to gain control, and eventually, we ended up facing the opposite way, went off the other side of the road and the car flipped end over end, landing on it's roof/side.  I was wearing a seat belt...he wasn't.  But we were both able to climb out the passenger window totally unharmed.  Oddly enough, no air bags went off.  The car...totalled. 

1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue
After that, I drove my mom's car for a few years.  They certainly weren't giving us a brand new car again :)  I drove that car through most of college.  No major accidents, but I did rear end someone...twice.  Neither time did the other car have damage or report it {the one car was actually on it's way to be donate to Goodwill!}.

2004 GMC Envoy
When I finally bought my first car by myself, I bought a small SUV.  I knew we'd be having a family in the near future {at least before we'd be getting another car} and living where we live, four wheel drive is a must in the winter.   I really liked this car!

In March 15, 2007 {on my birthday}, I was on my way to work.  All of a sudden the car in front of my slammed on its breaks rear ending the car in front of it, causing me to rear end them, and the car behind me to do the same.  I was pregnant with Layne, so I was quite shaken up, but after getting checked out, we were both perfectly fine.  {And we can't remember how the car was...must not have been bad}.

Fast forward to November 2009, I'm driving home from work on the expressway in the middle lane.  Traffic was completely backed up in the right lane next to me.  A car decided to pull out from a complete stop in front of me going at least 55 miles per hour.  I swirved to the left lane to miss plowing into them and totally lost control.  I know that I spun around at least once and even felt like the car was getting ready to tip on it's side at one point.   I ended up in the shoulder completely perpendicular to the lane facing all of the traffic.  It was a miracle that I didn't hit anyone else.  Once again, I was totally unharmed besides seat belt bruising and air bag burns on my arm.  This time, the car was not...again...a total.

2009 GMC Yukon
We bought this right after the last accident.  By then, we had both kids already and I knew we wanted a slightly bigger SUV than the one we had.  We found this one for a great deal since it was used as a demo vehicle for the dealership.

In January 2011, I was once again on my way to work.  It was pretty snowy and I was driving along in the right lane.  I noticed a car waiting to pull out of an upcoming intersection, so I got into the left lane to allow her to pull out.  Well, this blocked my view of what was coming and before I knew it, I felt the crash and all of the side curtain air bags went off.  I later found out that two deer ran into the side of my car and the van that I let out also hit deer.  Lots of damage to the whole side of my car and the inside headliner becsause of the airbags....it was not driveable and wouldn't move {I assume a safety feature because of the side airbags}. The car was fixed and I love this thing.

Summer 2011, I was pulling up to a jewelry hostess' house to do a jewelry party for her.  A little boy started to run out into the road.  I slammed on my breaks.  He went back to the sidewalk, but I was watching him really closely and totally side swiped the parked car next to me.  Turns out it was someone I know and it did little damage to his car, but my poor car has a scratch and even a crack down the entire side of the car.

And on Monday last week, we were out and about. We just took the kids to the movies to see the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie and we were headed to pick up carry out to take to my mom for her birthday.  It was snowing light flurries, but at some point, the snow melted and the roads froze...very quickly.  We realized we were sliding and my great driver husband put it in 4WD and we were just fine.  We were at a traffic light when Matt noticed the car behind us wasn't stopping.  She slid right into our car.  She was driving a small car, so our tank did a number to her hood, but all we had was a cracked bumper.  It was fortunately, the first time the kids were ever with us when something happened...and aside from my sore stomach from the seatbelt, we were once again okay.

Someone made the comment that we have such bad luck.  And that comment got me thinking.  First of all, I don't believe in luck.  I do believe that God has a plan.  And what happens is part of his plan.  Luck...nah...

And when I really think about it, I don't view all of this as bad {luck or fate or whatever}.  In every one of the bad accidents, we somehow {with God's Grace} avoided hitting any other vehicles.  And never were we injured more than scrapes, burns, and bruises. 

So no, I don't think we have bad luck.  I think it was all by God's good grace that our accidents ended as well as they did!

Friday, January 6, 2012

My new "thing"...a quilt! {with tutorial}

So, there's this little quirk about me that my husband loves to tease me about.  I always have "things" that I get obsessed with and do nothing but that for a while.  It can be foods that I get obsessed with, hobbies, books that I like to read, etc.

For instance, I had a spurt for about a year where I ate tons of spaghetti.  It was my favorite go-to food.  Then there was my stint with couponing.  Yes, I still use coupons, but I was borderline extreme couponer for about 6 months.  I'll get obsessed with reading a certain author...and read every book they have ever written.  I made and sold hair bows for a bit too. 

Well, my newest "thing" is quilting!  I love it.  I love that there are so many different phases to it and you don't get bored doing one thing.  You cut, then you piece it together.  Then there's the basting the top, quilting, and back.  Then the quilting, and last the binding.  I've already completed my first two quilts and I have three more on my "to-do" list. 

The first real quilt {not counting my bed quilt} that I started working on is for my new niece that will be arriving any day.  She will be sharing a room with her big sister, so my sister asked me to buy extra fabric so that she could make her a quilt that matches.  I decided to go ahead and do it myself for her Christmas gift.


I drew my inspiration from Pinterest {Link to Inspiration Quilt}...where else! And I acutally have a Quilt Lovin' board if you are interested.  But I didn't use a pattern or tutorial, I kinda just drew it out myself.  I knew it needed to be twin sized, so I made sure it was the right dimensions.  {roughly 64"x80"ish}

Caution:  This will probably not be a good tutorial for a brand new quilter.  I'm not going to be the best person to tell you the methods to use for basting the quilt, quilting, or attaching the binding.  I'll try to direct you to some good tutorials though :)
You'll need:
3/4 yd solid fabric {white pieces in my quilt}
5 fat quarters of different fabrics {for the other prints}
1 yd for outer border {lavender outside border}
fabric for backing of quilt {I used $5 twin sized flat sheet from Walmart}
3/4 yd binding fabric {green polka dot above}

Step 1:  Cut all of your fabric!  I like to do this all at once, it seems like it makes the piecing and quilting go faster.
Cut fat quarters as demonstrated below.  You only need 8-9 4x8 pieces from each fat quarter, but I recommend holding onto all 10 pieces....just in case :)

Cut the white fabric into 44 4x8 pieces as well.  You'll have some of this fabric left over, but 1/2 yd isn't enough.

For the 1 yd outer border, I cut the fabric into 6 6" strips of fabric. 

Last part of cutting!  For your 3/4 yd binding fabric, cut fabric into 8 2.5" strips. 

Step 2:  Quilt top piecing!!

You should have 50 squares of patterned 4x8" pieces and 44 white 4x8" pieces.  Sew one white and one patterned piece together on the long side.  You'll have an 8" square {or close to it!} when you are done.  Do this with all 44 white pieces.  For the patterned pieces, you will use 9 of 4 patterns and 8 of 1 pattern.
The next step is to sew the squares together.  Sew them as demonstrated below.  Make sure to keep the Patterned pieces consistent.  It was easiest for me to ALWAYS have them on the left or top.  You will sew them in 8 rows of 11.
Next, sew your 8 rows together.  Make sure to keep the pieces going in the same direction.  {I sewed one row upside down and didn't realize it until the VERY end!  Out came the seam ripper!}

Next, add your border pieces. 

This was my method:
It was easiest for me start with one strip of fabric and sew it along the left side of the quilt.  Stop approximately 4-6" from the end of the strip.  Sew a second strip to the first strip with a straight stitch.  Sew to almost the end and stop 1-2" from the end.  Starting with a new strip, attach it to the bottom edge and sew.  You can now go back and finish the left side of the quilt.  Continue to finish adding the border to the quilt.

Step 3:  Baste the top, quilt batting, and back piece together

I am the first to admit that I was horrible at this. 

So far, I tried to hand baste around the entire edge of the quilt.  fail. {lay out quilt and sew with long stitches along the edge}
And I've tried safety pin basting.  fail.  I wish I'd have taped like she instructs in this tutorial.
Next, I think I'm going to try spray basting!

Step 4: Quilting! 

I simply quilted along the zig zag pattern created by the colored and white pieces of fabric.  While it turned out good, I really love how Red Pepper Quilts {my inspiration} quilted her version.  I just ran out of time :-/

{Don't look too closely...you can see lots of mistakes!}

My biggest mistake here was sewing along the entire outer edge where the border meets the patterned quilt part.  {And my basting method} My back wasn't taut and I had big puckers.  I'd recommend starting in one corner and sewing your zig zags as you go across. 

Step 5:  Attach your binding!


I did tons of research {aka blog reading} to figure out the best binding method.  I loved this Binding 101 tutorial round up by Luv in the Mommyhood.

I started by sewing all of my 2.5" strips together with diagonal stitches.  I read that it's less bulky that way.

I ended up using the combination of several tutorials.  I machine stitched the back of the binding and handsewed the front.

I liked this tutorial best for explaining how to attach to the back.
And this tutorial explains the handstitching the front great.

And....you are finished. 


This may seem somewhat easy, but no joke, my quilts take me months.  I only have small snippets of time to work on it at a time.

Stay tuned for the matching baby quilt (Quilt #2) and pictures of their finished bedroom :)  It'll be coming in the next few weeks!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Photo Dump!

We celebrated Christmas 8 times over four different days!  It's always an extremely hectic time, but we wouldn't trade it for anything.  It's times like these that make lasting memories!

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Little Announcement

Here was the front of our Christmas Card this year!!

That's right!!  We're having another baby!

We heard and saw the heart beat for the first time today and it was just as special as seeing the other two's first heart beats!

And this is why I've been pretty MIA for the last month.  I've not been feeling so well...and I felt like this with Layne, so maybe another girl??  My energy is shot and by the time the kids are in bed, I'm right behind them!

Here's another image that the photographer {the lovely Kristen of GKB Photography} thought of!  We loved how it turned out too!  Our original inspiration was from Pinterest.

And for those inquiring minds...I'm 9 weeks 4 days today.  Due August 4th.  We had been trying for another for a few months...and the month that we don't plan to try {because little miss starts Kindergarden the week after my due date} we get pregnant!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 {Goals}

Starting the new year always makes me think about what I want to accomplish this year.  Some years I make "resolutions" and some years I don't...but usually, they never happen.

This year, I am going to attempt to document my goals for the year here.  My goals are things that I want to accomplish.  I'm really happy with life right now.  I always want to eat healthier, be more active, grow closer to God, and grow to be a better wife and mom, but those are givens for me.

This list is more concrete.  Easier to quantify.

Without further ado...

1) Decorate my kids bedrooms.  We built our home 2 1/2 years ago.  At the time, they were sharing a room. That only lasted for about 3-4 months until we moved Grayson to our office.  I have lots of big ideas.  But we need to make some decisions first.  Are we building on soon or not?  Do we want them to stay in the rooms they are in?  As soon as we make those decisions, we will be decorating! {Better than the Cars and Princess decals on their walls :)}

2) Do more with less.  This is kinda vague, but I want to do more with the limited space we have in our house.  Organize.  Create more storage.  I also want to do more with less moola.  Get back into my couponing like early last year.  Buy more with less.

3) Create a budget and stick to it.  Believe it or not...as tight as I am, I've never had a budget.  And this because my husband hates budgets.  {He just said that...really}  But I want to limit and plan our spending.  We don't buy a lot of extra as is, but my weaknesses are eating out and extra spending {like my crafting spending}.  We can still do this stuff.  I just want to set a limit for these and stick to it.

4) Make a "honey do list" for my honey. He hates honey do lists too :)  And I don't blame him.  We spent the first four years of our marriage building our house little by little.  Who can blame a guy for getting burnt out.  Especially when he does this stuff every day.  It won't be a long list.  But there's a few things I want "us" to accomplish this year.

5) Get back to meal planning.  This kind of goes along with #2.  In November, we planned our meals for the entire month.  And I cooked all month {okay...well almost every day} with so much less stress.  And we only did a big grocery trip once in 6 weeks.  Yes, it was pretty scarce for the last two weeks, but my grocery spending was awesome.  I will be doing this more this year.   Like hopefully starting soon.

What are your goals or resolutions?  Any of the same ones that I have?