Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Jessica Wreath

If you read my blog, you know my bro-in-law & new sis-in-law just got married last weekend. (Beautiful wedding by the way!) But we've been to their place a few times leading up to the wedding and all of the other doors in their condo complex have wreaths and decorations on them...besides theirs. I knew that I had to make a wreath to go with their wedding gift.

I tried to make it personal to match their {really Jessica's} personalities. Jess loves polka dots & orange is her favorite color :)

Here's what I used:
Wreath Form (Hobby Lobby)
Fabric to cover wreath (Hobby Lobby)
Fabric Strips to make Rosettes (Hobby Lobby & my stash)
Piece of Cardboard
Hot glue gun

I started out by cutting the fabric that I used to cover the wreath form into a 5" strip. I whipped out my glue gun and hot glued the end of the fabric to the "back" of the wreath (either side can be the back). As I wrapped, I'd glue every so often to be sure it stayed together.

When I would reach the end of the fabric strip, I'd start a new strip on the same side that I started the first strip to be sure all of the ends were hidden on the back :)

For the {N}, I cut it out of a piece of cardboard and hot glued the fabric around it.
I made my rolled fabric rosettes mentioned in my T-Shirt Makeover Post. {I have put these rosettes on everything! I'm addicted!} Then I laid everything out on the wreath before gluing.

I fashioned a bow with fabric and cut a 3-4" strip to "hang" the wreath. Glued everything on and Bam! A Finished Personal Wreath!


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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

{Not so} Trendy Momma

I like to think that I'm a hip and trendy momma,
but I'll be honest with ya. I'm about a year behind the trends.
I'm so a jeans and T-shirt girl at heart, but I do love to dress up and look pretty too.

Case in point: Skinny Jeans

I just got a pair last week.
Yep. I wait until trends are about a year old before I adopt them.
It's always one of those things, where I say, "I will not wear {insert trendy item}."
A few months later, I love {insert trendy item}.

This happened with gaucho pants, capri pants, knee high boots, and now...Skinny Jeans!

It's always a joke with me and my hubby.
I'll say, "I do not like {said trendy item}."
And he always jokes and says, "Give it 6 months, then you'll have some too."

But now that I have my new skinny jeans, I don't know what to wear them with! Help!?! Give me some skinny jean spring outfit ideas!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Flower Pillow Tutorial

So, I've been browsing stores looking for some inspiration for pillows for my bed to go with my new quilt I'm making. (It's almost done! I'm onto the quilting step!) I went into a party store to get some goodies for Gray's upcoming birthday and there was a Pier 1 next door. I'm so glad I went in! They had lots of awesome pillows, but this is the one that caught my eye.

Sorry for the bad was taken with my phone. (So glad I snapped this shot..I can't find this one on their website!)

I knew that I wanted to do this pillow in white to match my new bedding. But on Friday, while hemming my Pool Blue bridesmaid dress, I had the bright idea to do blue flowers. My walls in my bedroom are a muted turquoise color, so the extra 6 inches of fabric I cut off my dress would be perfect to use!

For this pillow, you'll need:
- Fabric of Choice for pillow (Amount depends on size 1/2 yd should be PLENTY)
- Fabric of Choice for flowers (1/2 yd to be safe)
-Matching Thread
-Sewing Machine
-Some sort of pillow stuffing (I recovered an old pillow ;))

Start off by cutting out your pillow fabric to your desired size leaving room for your seams.

If you are stuffing with another pillow, sew three of the four sides leaving the 4th side open to insert the pillow.
If you are stuffing with stuffing (think I could say stuffing one more time?), sew three sides. On the last side, leave a small hole (3-4" long) to add the pillow filling.

Now turn it right side out.

On the fabric that you are using for the flowers, find a small circle to trace. I used a medicine cup ( 1" to 1.5"). Fold the fabric into quarters and trace the circles on the top. In hindsight, I wish my circles & flowers were bigger so I had to do less of them.

Hold or pin the fabric together and cut out the circles. You'll be cutting four at a time.

Now for flower construction!
1. Fold circle in half and about 1/16" from the bottom, stitch through.
2. Then come back through the one side of the circle. Your thread should be in between the two pieces.
2. Repeat with 3 more circles.
3. For the last circle, fold in half and stitch through. Come back through the one side of the circle. Adjust the final petal and stitch through the flower to hold petals in place. Finished product!

Stitch these flowers randomly onto the pillow. It seems obvious, but make sure to only stitch through the top layer of fabric and not both layers.

Once the pillow is full, insert pillow stuffing. Fold the edges under and pin the front and back together.

Stitch the insides together by only sewing the insides of the folds. If you do this, your hand stitching is invisible!

And voila! A finished pillow!
Isn't she beautiful!

And my cost = $0! Everything was on hand for this project!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Meal Plan Monday and Easter Recap

Hope everyone had an awesome Easter and spend lots of time with friends and family. Our Easter didn't go exactly as planned. (Does anything?) Around 1 am on Easter Sunday, Grayson woke up crouping with a fever. This kid has literally had Croup 5-6 times. Daddy and Grayson spent lots of quality time together through the night and all day on Sunday. He was just pitiful.

Layne and I did get to go to church and stop by my sister's house for a bit, but then we just spent the rest of the evening at home with our boys. I didn't get near enough pictures...someone forgot to charge the camera battery! (Don't look at me....okay, it was me.) Here's a few!

My princess

Josie, Layne, & Emma
Notice the chunk of hair cut in the front of Layne's hair? Yep. She cut it herself.

My sis, Jen, & Josie

Did the Easter Bunny throw up in my living room?!?

Okay now onto the main's Monday! Boo! But we have our weekly meal plan! Yay!! Still really haven't gone to the grocery store, so our meal choices are pretty limited until I get to the grocery.
Monday - Inside out Pizza - recipe courtesy of Sarah @ Simply Sarah Style & Our Best Bites.

Tuesday - Breakfast for dinner - Pancakes (or waffles), eggs, sausage links

Wednesday - Pork Roast & Roast Potatoes, Peas and Carrots

Thursday - Baked Cavatelli, French Loaf, Salad

Friday - Family Night with my BFFs! I may make the Inside Out Pizza again if it's a success :)

Saturday - Grilled Chicken (We finally got a new grill!), Twice Baked Potatoes, Green Beans

Sunday - Big 2 Year Old Birthday Party! Stay tuned for lots of Cars Party Pics!

A big thanks to all of you who gave me some meal ideas on here & facebook...I've added them to my dinner lists and hope to try a few of them soon! Keep the ideas & recipes coming!

Oh - and one more thing! I added a few new features to my blog. You can follow me, get email updates, or subscribe to RSS Feed! Go ahead, do it! You know you wanna!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jesus has risen!

Happy Easter to all. I urge you to take a moment to remember the true meaning of this day. That on Friday, Christ was crucified to take away our sin so that we can spend eternity with Him! And that Christ rose from the dead two days later!

Love & Blessings from our family to yours!

Sadly there was a egg was thrown into the bowl...can't imagine by who...

Happy Easter! Love Laynie & Gray.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tips for a Feature Wall

I want to start out by saying that I'm no design expert (I've got a lot of bare walls to tell you that!). But there are a few things in my house that I'm really proud of that I've done. My favorite wall in my house is this.


My collection started out unknowingly. I started buying things for my house about a year before we got married. I would stick it in a large tote and would forget what we bought. We built our house by ourselves (or I guess I should say Matt and my dad did, LOL) which took about 4 years longer than we expected. I didn't decorate at the house we rented because I thought we'd be in our new house in no time. When we finally moved into our new house and unpacked the three huge totes of stuff I had accumulated, I had all of these crosses. I immediately knew that this was what I wanted to do with them.

If you want a feature wall, I first suggest to find a collection of things that you love. For me it was crosses, but I could totally see this wall done in antiques or keys, or whatever you collect.

Next figure out how you want to arrange them. We laid them all out on the floor in front of the wall to try to judge spacing. When we (or I should say Matt) hung them, we just started from the center and hung the big one and worked our way out to the edges. I wasn't going for perfect, so this worked for me. We used small nails for the smaller crosses, but we used drywall anchors & screws for the larger ones. I definitely don't want any crosses falling on my babies!

You could also sketch it on out big paper and use the method that my friend Sarah from Simply Sarah Style did with plates. And be sure to note her lesson of the day!!

Here are some other feature walls for inspiration.

With picture frames - from Design*Sponge
Using Mirrors - from Pottery Barnwith Plates - from Nesting Place
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Please stay little...

This will be a long bare with me :)

Last Saturday, while driving around trying to get Layne to fall asleep and take a nap before the wedding (desperate times call for desperate measures!), she started asking me about Jesus, Santa, and the Easter Bunny.

She basically said that since you can't see them, they are imagine (imaginary).
At first, I thought she was saying magic, so I was like, yep, you're right, they are magic.
Then she said, Imagine. Not magic.

*Mind you, my girl is 3! Yes, just 3! And she's asking these questions.*

I argued with her and kept saying that Jesus is real (I didn't address the other two!). If you know my Laynie, you know that there is no use in arguing with her. Being the stubborn person I am and wanting to get the last word in (I didn't say she doesn't get it honestly :)), I said, "Jesus is real. End of discussion. Now, chicken nuggets or cheeseburger."

See the stubbornness, she wouldn't even look at me!

I'm amazed that her little three year old brain is contemplating the existence of these things already. It gives me pride that she is so smart, but I don't want her mind to worry about these things yet! I want her to think about her baby dolls and playing outside and being mean to her brother. Not things like where you go when you die and the existence of Jesus and other really deep things.

But it got me thinking, I try so hard to keep my babies little. I probably go a little overboard, but it's what I've choose to do. You can only keep them little so long.

Disclaimer: Before I write the rest this, I am not judging or talking bad about anyone who makes different decisions for their kids. My BFFs and sisters have some very different rules and ways of doing things AND I love and respect them for it. You know what's best for your kids. (Love you Jen, Rach, Amy, Nicole, Nichole, & Tiff!)

Before we had kids, I was one of those people that thought that I would be a cool mom. I would also do responsible things like make my kids have a bedtime (they do. 7:30 and 8:30). But I would be cool. I can remember me and Matt having a conversation about people we knew who had strict parents. That we WOULD NOT be like.

A friend I once stayed overnight with and her brother were only allowed to drink milk or water with dinner. Gasp! At least we were allowed Kool Aid. ---- And guess what, I hear myself saying all the time, "milk or water?" Granted it's chocolate or strawberry milk :) But I don't think they need the extra sugar in juice.

Or Matt had a friend who wasn't allowed to play Nintendo games that had fighting in them. Can you believe it?!? But guess what? I don't let my kids watch any TV besides things on Nick Jr. or Disney Jr. or Sprout. Why? Because I don't want them to grow up faster than they have to. I don't want to expose them to grown up things.

It was like a year before Layne realized Justin Beiber was a teenage boy and not a beaver. And I loved the innocence! I certainly wasn't going to let her grow up and faster and get boy crazy too! There's plenty of time for that.

And we've already got talk of boyfriends. I certainly don't think she completely understands. But she told me the other day for the first time that her boyfriend is Noah. I think it's cute, but it makes me flash forward 5-10 years when she will have real boyfriends and I kinda sorta start to panic.

Layne and Noah in May 2008.

There's a few others that we talked about that, luckily, we won't have to worry about for a while. Like, so and so's mom and dad didn't let them date until they were 16. 16! And I already know that I'll be one of those mom's that won't want to let their baby girl go on a date. or get married. or go away to college.

How did she go from fast!?!
So long story short. I've decided I'm going to be the uncool mom and let my babies be little as long as I can. If she wants me to carry her like a baby, I'm all for it. If Gray wants his sucky a little longer, that's okay. And if I want to limit what they watch and what they eat, I will. Because I can only keep them little for so long. I want to treasure and soak up these baby moments, because they'll be gone before I know it.

Baby Layne at 10 months old

And in case you were wonder, after discussing how to handle the "Jesus isn't real" situation with Matt, we decided to talk to her about Jesus and tell her all about him. We told her:

Jesus was God's son that he sent to earth.
On earth, Jesus could do really awesome things. Heal People. Walk on Water. Bring people back from the dead.
When Jesus grew up, he was beat up and he died on the cross.
When he died on the cross, he did it so that we could be forgiven for doing bad things and still go to heaven when we die.
And on the 3rd day, Jesus came back to life.
And when she's a little bigger, she can ask Jesus to come into her heart like mommy and daddy did.

(And Santa brings presents on Jesus's birthday because Jesus loves us so much that we get presents instead of him. And the Easter Bunny brings a basket so that we think about Jesus being risen and remember him coming back to life.)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Under Construction

So, I decided I hated my puke green background...And since I don't know what I'm doing, bare with me!

My blog will be ugly for a few days :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

So, I haven't gone to the grocery in two weeks...and I'm not likely going to be able to go until late this week. That means we're scraping together dinners with what we have :)

Monday - Chicken Fettucine Alfredo & Salad

Tuesday - Pork Loin, Twice baked potatoes, and green beans

Wednesday - Pizza (dance night :))

Thursday - Chicken Parmesan & Broccoli

Friday - Crockpot Potato Soup & Sub Sandwiches

Saturday - Easter Dinner @ my mom's

Sunday - Easter Festivities

What are you having this week? I'd love some new ideas for my menu. Posting this every week has made me realize how often we repeat the same meals *blushing*. (And how often we eat italian type meals!) So please share!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Here comes the bride

The wedding was a success! Nick & Jess tied the knot and everything turned out beautifully. Matt was the best man, I was a bridesmaid, Layne was a flower girl, and Gray was a ring bearer. My biggest worry for the day was how my kids would do walking down the aisle...and they did great! Both took their jobs seriously and walked down without any problems. (Can you believe it!?!)

My pretty princess, flower girl...


My Handsome Ring Bearer...who threw a little bit of a fit when I tried to take his picture!

My two best boys.

My new sister-in-law - Jessica Nelson!

Shelly & Amy - my mother-in-law and sister-in-law (Don't they look beautiful!?!?)

Jess and her mom, Angie. One of the sweetest ladies I know!

All three flower girls - Laynie, Madison, and Payton. I just love these girls!

Jess and the boys. Grayson, Jake, and Dylan
Grayson was a party animal at the reception! He would just walk up and grab someone's hands to start dancing. I could watch him dance all night! Thanks Madison and Allison for dancing with my boy :)

At the end of the night, my babies were wiped! Grayson's with daddy. And Layne's snuggling up to Aunt Jess.

Nick and Jess - Matt and I couldn't be more proud of you. We all love you so much and look forward to lots and lots of years to come. Laynie just wants to know when you are going to get kids now :) There's plenty of time for that! We love you guys!