Saturday, December 17, 2011

Week of Giving - Wrap Up!

What a fun and rewarding week!!!

Let's recap what we did!

And so many of you emailed, facebooked or commented and told me that you were doing this or did already!

Because of that, I have a special giveaway day planned for tomorrow!

We'll be announcing a new giveaway every hour. 

Want to know how to win?

Give back!  Pick something that I posted about this week and do it.  Plus comment on the post from that day and let me know that you did.

Every one that commented that they give back some way will automatically be entered into every. single. giveaway.  Plus everyone can still follow the other ways to enter that will be posted for each one.

Does that make sense?

I'll say it a different way :)  For each giveaway, the comments from each post this week will automatically be entries into the giveaway.  And everyone (even those who commented that they gave back some way) can still enter as the post instructs!

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