Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Monogram Christmas Ornaments {Tutorial}

Have you seen the fun Homemade in December series going on over at delicateConstruction?

I had such a fun time coming up with ideas for making Christmas ornaments.  It just seemed like every idea I came up with was already done somewhere.  You know, all of the salt dough ones, popsicle stick ones, and ball ornaments, but I wanted something different...


I drew inspiration from all of the adorable yarn and twine monogram wreaths on Pinterest.

I started out with some cardboard from all of those boxes that keep coming to my door {Internet Christmas Shopping!!} and sketched the letter that I wanted to make.


Next I poked a hole with a hole poker {you know, a pen, pencil, end of your scissors...whatever you have handy}.  Then added a piece of yarn as the hanger.


Using my glue gun, I added some glue to the back of the ornament and started wrapping tightly and closely.


After wrapping for a bit, add some hot glue to the back and continue wrapping.  I just added the glue to keep the yarn in place.  I probably glued a spot every 1-2" on the back of the ornament.  Just enough to keep it tight.

At the end, I added a line of glue to the edge of the cardboard and one last line of yarn to finish it off.


And the finished product!!  You'll notice that I had to get creative at the angle, but it wasn't too difficult to figure out!


For some additional tips on wrapping yarn monograms, check out this tutorial on wrapping curvy letters.

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  1. I love this project!
    Could I post it in my blog, translated in Italian, provided that your blog is indicated as the original source?
    Thanks for a reply,


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