Monday, December 19, 2011

{Giveaway Day} Winners!!!

First, a big thank you to all the sponsors!  They are listed over in my sidebar.  Go check out those amazing blogs and shops!!

I'm announcing the winners of the giveaways ending today @ 10 am!  The others will come later :)

Oh, and here's how it worked:

#1-3 are comments from Day 1's Post
#4-8 are comments from Day 2's Post
#9-11 are comments from Day 3's Post
#12 is comment on Day 3 from Facebook
Then the comments from the giveaway post will follow.  

Make sense? If not, don't worry about it :)  I'll figure out who won!

And Winners....send me an email!!!!!!

First up... Johnny in a Dress Shop!  Winner gets an one item from the shop :)

Winner is..... Natasha!!  


Next is....the super cute scarf from A Bible and a Hairdryer.

Jenny @ Seamingly Smitten!!


Bitty Bundles of Joy with an adorable set of baby legs!

Brooke Kenny!!!!!


Now a $10 credit to All Things Cute Bowtique!!!

Jenn Houston!!


Seamingly Smitten was just so generous that she gave away 2 patterns to 2 people!!!!  Isn't she a doll!?!
{And she's getting some good back since she won already!!}


Next up... Posy Floral Design's super cute personalized ornaments!


Hang in there...a few more!

Any item from Blessed Be's shop

Briana Richardson!!!   Congrats!!


Next is a super cute mini nest necklace from Natsprat!

Lindsay Mortimer!  {Commented on Day 3 on Facebook}


Cute Things in Life $20 Credit!!!

Brooke Kenny..again!  Congrats, Brooke!


Delicate Construction gave away a $20 credit to her shop too!

Jenn Houston, again!!!  Yay, Jenn!


Last, but certainly not least...Bossy Sprockets!  She's giving a necklace and blossom bobbies set!



Again, if you won, send me an email!!!! Or comment here with a way to contact you!!!!

Thanks for participating in this fun week!


  1. Yay!!! I won the Bitty Bundles of Joy and the Cute Things in Life Giveaway! My email is

  2. I'm so excited! I will send you my email! Thanks!

  3. Woo hoo!!! Can't wait to pick my patterns!

  4. When I logged into my reader this morning, I had a HUGE amount of new posts to read. Wouldn't you know most of them were from YOUR blog! ;o) What a cool idea you had!!! A new giveaway every hour!!! You go girl!!! I'm sad I missed most of these!!!

  5. Thank you so much for hosting this!!! I'm excited to get my scarf and thanks for introducing me to so many great shops!
    Seamingly Smitten

  6. Can't wait to hear from my giveaway winner!!


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