Sunday, December 18, 2011

{Giveaway Day} Natsprat

I am excited for this giveaway too!  I pretty much bought Natalie out of these necklaces...and chances are, if you will be getting a gift from me, you'll be getting one of these!

Natalie runs this adorable blog, Natsprat!  We've become friends through blogging and she is someone that I would LOVE to meet in person!

Natalie also makes super cute necklaces and sells them!  She just sold a whole bunch as a fundraiser for her little cousin with cancer and donated over $900 in her proceeds to their medical expenses!  Don't you want to hug this girl!?!

One of you will have the chance to win the mini nest necklace!

Entry Options - comment separately for each one

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Follow Natsprat
Tell us who you'd get it for and with how many eggs

Oh, and though not an entry for the giveaway, we'd love for you to follow us on facebook!

Giveaway ends tomorrow @ 10 am!


  1. I get it for myself. I'm not sure how many eggs because I have 7 kids!

  2. I would get it for myself with 2 eggs!

  3. I would get it for my grandma who has 22 grandchildren....just kidding :) Probably my mother in law with 4 eggs for the number of her grand-children. She'd love it!

  4. I follow this blog via friend connect!

  5. I'd get one for my cousin who just had a baby, and we get to meet him for the first time soon!

  6. I would get it for myself with 4 eggs.


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