Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My past 10 days.

The things below and I have become best friends lately.
Both kids have had a stomach virus the past week and a half.  Layne started on a Sunday and was back to normal by Friday.  Grayson has been at it since last Thursday...on day 6.

We have washed so many towels, sheets, blankets, and clothes that have been vomited or pooped on.  I went through an entire 32 load bottle in 4 days.  I am not even kidding.

A little story...stop reading if you are eating or have a light stomach.  If you are a mom, then you are probably just fine to read on.

We were soooo careful for Layne not to pass anything on to Grayson.  We Clorox wiped the toilet every time she went.  We have washed our hands until they are dry and cracking.  One night after dinner, Layne said she was feeling sick.  She went to head to the bathroom and threw up on the floor in the kitchen.  I told Grayson to stay put in the bathroom so that he didn't step in it and I carried Layne to the tub. 

Here's the conversation that I heard while I was cleaning up the mess...

Grayson - "Sissy, what's that?"
Layne - "A piece of an orange." {that apparently fell out of the vomit in her hair}
Grayson - "I eat it?"

And before I could yell for him to stop it was too late.  After all of the effort to keep him well and not get sick, he ate vomit.  And here we are...eight days later with a sick kid still...

On the positive note, they are happy and almost acting normal, even with the virus. 


  1. Oh, Sarah!!! That's horrible... Yet I'm still laughing! Sorry you've had such a rough week. Hope things get better soon!

  2. Oh my goodness! Girl I have been there, and this story just made me laugh.. Little Grayson is too cute.. It will be over soon.. I hope they all feel better and you get some much needed rest! Were thinking of you!

  3. Oh my gosh!!! That's awful!!!! How are you holding up? I hope you don't catch anything. That would be JUST what ya'll need.

    I am scared to death of stomach virus'. When Lexie gets one, Cory has to stay home with her. I can't handle it. :o/

  4. oh that's just so disgusting...and yet funny too. Just imagine someday you can tell him that story when he is older, and I'm sure he'll be just as disgusted if not even more than you and all your readers. Poor Laynie and Grayson though, I hope they are much better now, and that you didn't catch that virus.


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