Friday, November 18, 2011

{Crazy Blessed Love} Scarves!

Oops!  I'm two days late for this post...I thought I scheduled it, but didn't....oh well!

Kids are FINALLY starting to feel better!
Okay...on to the features!  I love scarves.  I have three or four different ones, but I've never actually made one.  It's been on my list to do for months...but we all know how that goes!

I love the look and color of this one!  It has ruffles...and it looks so easy to do!

Beverly dyed this scarf...genius!  How easy would it be to find white fabric or t-shirts and dye it whatever color you want?!?

I love the color and texture of this one!  But you all didn't know that I liked yellow, did you? :)

I N.E.E.D. an infinity scarf.  Love the color of this one too!

And how cute is this flower on this scarf!?!?

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration!! MUST make one of these this fall!!!

    Aimee @


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