Sunday, October 23, 2011

Soccer Star.

{Okay.  Now re-read the title in your best Mary Katherine Gallagher voice from SNL}

Layne started playing soccer this fall.  She went from Dance to Gymnastics to Soccer.


And I have to really isn't her thing.

First of all, she is definitely the youngest and smallest on her team.  I had to hem her shirt bottom and sleeves.  And don't get me started on finding soccer shorts small enough.  We finally found XXS Umbro shorts, which were still ginormous on her.  I ended up ripping out the side and crotch seams and sewing them up myself...


Her little arms move so fast when she runs, but her legs and body are much slower :)  We joke that she's going to wear the arms out on her shirts!


And God love her...she wants a goal so bad.  She even told me last week. "Mom, I haven't got any goals yet."  Me: "That's okay babe.  You're having fun, right?"  Layne: "Yeah, I am.  But mom? ...pause... Tonight is going to be my night."

As a parent, I want nothing more than for her to get out there and score a goal.  My heart just breaks for her that she probably won't.  Being a mom is tough. 

But you know what?  She's got the biggest cheering section that there is!  Both mamaws and papaws are at every game.  And she's usually got an aunt and cousin or two there too.


{Yes...that's all our family}

And brother...he's her biggest fan.  And this boy, he's got some soccer moves.  While soccer isn't her thing, it definitely looks like it will be his!

{Gray and buds}

And I just had to snap a picture of this.  This captures Gray so well.  He is always sneaking drinks of Mamaw or Papaw's tea or one of our soft drinks.  Maybe that's why he bounces off the walls?

Photobucket more week.


And next time, you'll probably be seeing more dance pictures :)


  1. :) That totally made me smile. My little girl also did dance for 2 years. Now, she wants to do soccer in the spring and I just groaned. Can't we just stick with dance??? LOL! Layne and Gray are just cuties!

  2. But she looks so CUTE as a soccer player!!! Good thing she has a momma that can sew. She sure is itty bitty! :o)

    Cory played soccer all the way up through college. He'd love nothing more than for Lex to show interest in it, but she's got her mother's coordination. So probably not gonna happen. ;o)


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