Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Are you a no-reply reader?

Do you know what I love more than anything about Blogging?

The relationships with other bloggers and readers.

And do you know what drives my crazy?

When one of you lovely people comment on something and I want to carry on a conversation...and then I see that you are a No-Reply reader/blogger.


What does this mean?  How does this work?

When you comment on my blog, I get an email telling me you commented.  If you have your email set up to show up, I can just hit reply and we can email back and forth.

If not, I type up a whole message, go to hit send...and then realize that my reply is going out to cyberspace somewhere.

How can you set up your email to show up?

It's really simple.  Just go into your Blogger Profile, click Edit.  Now just check the second box down...that's it!

If this sounds too confusing to you, check out House of Smith's Instructons here.

Thanks!!!  Look forward to chatting with you!!


  1. Amen!!! To all of it. The relationships are what keep me blogging, too. And the no-reply thing drives me NUTS!

  2. :( I think I may be one of these...but I don't really blog. I followed your instructions and now I hope I don't get even more junk mail...I might change the email to a lesser used one, specifically for this persay.


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