Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 Days to Happier Children....and vote!

First, I want to share about a blogger that I just adore.

I have no idea how I found Laura @ Housewife in Town, but she has been such a supporter and friend of this blog.  She even guest posted during Sew Chic Upcycling Week with her Denim Rag Quilt.

For the month of October, Laura is posting about 31 days to Happier Children.
We are only on Day 4 of her posting, but her posts have really spoke to my heart.  Maybe because this is just a topic that I really need to apply to my life.  Or maybe because Laura is just that good.

And her tips have been so good.  And are things that I know make my kids happier.

So far, she's posted on:

Day 1 - Tell them what to Expect
Day 2 - Teach them Life's Commandments
Day 3 - Kids need Friends
Day 4 - Sing Together

My kids aren't unhappy by any means, but could they be happier...sure!

Matt and I have been trying to do this very thing the past few weeks.  We are trying to eliminate negativity and pump up the positives.  It's challenging, but we are trying.

If you are a parent, I urge you to read Laura's blog.  We can all learn to be better parents...to encourage happier kids.

Next order of business....

Don't forget to go vote!!

I can't tell you which project is mine, but pick your favorite and hopefully I will be one that you pick :)

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  1. I am doing a bible study on Shepherding your Children as we speak and it has been convicting on how I parent. I am really trying to listen to the Holy Spirit in all aspects.

    I will definitely check out your friends blog!

    TY Sarah;)


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