Thursday, September 8, 2011

Busy. Busy. Busy.

The past few weeks have been busy.  Layne just started Soccer and she's finishing up Gymnastics in the next week.  Which means right now, we are running to activities 2 nights a week.  When games start it will be 2 nights + Saturday mornings.  And then with Wednesday nights starting at church, she will have something to do 4 times per week until Gymnastics is over.  Then it's still soccer and church until winter. I am one tired mama.

On nights were she has activities, I literally drive straight home from work. Pick them up. Change their clothes. Grab a snack to give them in the car. Load them up. And head out.

Then we practice or whatever.  Head home. Grab something to eat if they didn't eat in the car on the way there.  Bath. Pajamas. Teeth. Story. Bedtime.

And by that time, I collapse in bed.  No laundry gets done.  No dishes are put away.  And I don't get any time for me.  Or to spend with Matt.  And I wake up the next day and start over.

How do other mamas do it?  I only have one kid that is in activities.  How do people have 3 kids going 3 different ways every night a week? 

I have been totally overwhelmed lately.  And it just adds to the fire in my heart to want to be a stay at home mom.  If I stayed at home, we could all eat dinner and head out together.  No stress. No rushing. would be so nice.

Until then, this frazzled mama may not be blogging as much. I'm just too dang tired to do it...


  1. I have the same thoughts Sarah! Between bible study,MOPS,tumbling class and trying to get quilts done for the shop. It is only starting too for us. For my son and I though it will keep us busy while daddy is off being Army soldier! I am very thankful to be a SAHM though. God only gives us what we can handle right?!

  2. Gosh, do I know exactly how you feel, or what?! This was EXACTLY me in Florida. I woke up at 4:30AM and went to bed around midnight every night. Every minute in between was scheduled with work stuff, Lexie's school stuff, and her after school activities. Pure exhaustion. I'll be thinking about you, and praying you can find a way to work through it all. Hang in there, darlin'!!

  3. Sarah, if you really feel in your heart that you need to stay home, then go for it! :) Coming from someone who has been a SAHM for 5 years now, with a husband who makes far from a fortune though, I'll tell you that there are a *lot* of sacrifices that go along with it. So much that you may not be able to afford to have your kids in all those activities in the first place. You're doing a great job as a mama and your kids may not appreciate all you do for them yet, but someday they'll realize it and thank you.


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