Sunday, August 21, 2011

{Tutorial} Gathered Pillow

As soon as I finished my new Knotted Bed Quilt, I needed some pillows for it!


Before making the quilt, I had 2 king sized pillows and 2 Euro pillows with a few throw pillows on my bed.  I knew that I wanted to make something that covered the other pillows I had.

And these pillows were born!


I'll explain how to make the Euro sized pillows (27" x 27"), but I'll also give measurements for a regular 18" x 18" throw pillow at the end.

Fabric {2 1/2 yds for the Euro size}
Matching Thread
Sewing Machine
Euro pillow

Start out by cutting your fabric.  You need 5 strips of fabric that are 6" wide by 40-50" long.  For the back panel, you need 2 pieces that are 27 1/2" by 16-17".

To create your front piece, pin together two of your strips with right sides together.


 With your sewing machine set on a straight stitch and the longest stitch length, sew your 2 strips together with a 1/4" seam allowance.  DO NOT reinforce you stitching by going back and forth at the beginning or end!

Pin the next strip and repeat.  {Just make sure that all of the right sides are together each time}.  Complete this until all five strips are sewn together.


Now to create the gathered look, hold the bottom string and pull your fabric down to create the gather.  Do this until the length of the seam is 27 1/2 inches.  I just compared it to one of my back pieces instead of measuring. Do this to all of the seams.


To create a finished edge on your pocket in the back, iron one long edge of your back panel pieces under 1/2" and fold and iron down another 1/2" again.  Sew along this side. Repeat on the other back panel.


Now for the fun part....the pinning!  I recommend sewing the top and bottom first {versus the sides}  I started by placing the unfinished long edge of one of the back panels on the corner of the top ruffled edge. {RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER!}  Pin across the top.

Now repeat with the other back panel starting from the other top corner.  Your finished edges should be in the middle.  This creates your "pocket" to insert your pillow.  The two panels should overlap approximately 3 inches in the middle.  Repeat the pinning on the bottom.

Sew along the top and bottom.


Now, you'll notice that the front panel has a much longer edge than the back panel.  Turn on your favorite TV show {I picked Design Star} and pin these pieces together creating pleats that line up with the gathers that formed with the ruffling.  Sew along the sides after you complete your 30 minutes of pinning :)


Turn right sides out and you're done!


If you want to make a throw pillow (18" x 18" size), follow these instructions above. Just use the following dimensions for your cutting!

Cut 5 strips that are 4" by 36-40 inches for the front panel.
Cut 2 pieces that are 18 1/2" by 21-22" long.

Now I just need to make some covers for my king sided pillows....any suggestions? :)


  1. I love this! I'm making Lyla's bedding right now, and although I won't be able to have pillows in her bed for such a long time, I may make one of these (smaller version) to put in there just for pictures! :)

  2. Beautiful! Just starting to teach myself to sew.. but someday I hope to be as talented as you! Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo party.. can't wait to see what you share next!

  3. Loving this pillow and am now definitely thinking I need some texture in my pillow collection.

  4. LOVE!!! these pillows! I need these :) Thanks for the tutorial!


  5. That is so cute and you make it look so much easier than I thought! I think I'll have to try my hand at one, now. Thanks!

  6. Looks so easy, that even *I* might give her a whirl! Thanks, they look great! (Comfy too)

    Visiting today from LadybirdLn linky party,
    ~Suzanne in Illinois

  7. OK I could work up the energy to try this LOL The quilt was intimidating (but beautiful).


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