Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Safe and secure...

Last week, I had a very scary phone call.  It was 1:30 in the afternoon.  The caller knew my name and my husbands {which they can get ANYWHERE...online, phone book, etc}, but they talked to me like they knew me.  And I revealed way more information that I should have.  

"No, Matt's not home."  "Do you know when he'll be in?"  "Sure.  Later on this evening."

Then the caller made a crude comment.  He didn't threaten my life or say that he was coming to kill me, but he made a comment that made me very uncomfortable.  

When I realized how much information I revealed, I freaked out a bit.  I called Matt and made him swear that he wasn't playing a prank on me.  I made him leave work early and come home.  He talked me through where a gun was, how to load it and how to use it.  And then I made my mom come up and pick us up and we waited at her house.

I've had a conversation with my friends before.  I'm never afraid to be home by myself at night.  I feel safe where we live and I'm really never afraid.  I would totally have felt comfortable sleeping with our doors unlocked before.  But this phone call changed the game for me.  I was terrified.  I made Matt check my car before I went outside the next morning.  I was shaken and scared.

And it got me thinking.  I should be more prepared.  We prepare for the worst in so many occasions.  Why not this one?  No one wants to imagine the worst.  But if we do think through things and we plan how we would react, we are much more prepared for a bad situation if it ever does happen.

We imagine what we would do if there were a fire and we practice with our kids.

We get our candles out and flashlights if we think a bad storm is coming.  Just to be prepared.

So, I'm getting prepared.  I'm keeping my cell phone a little closer.  I'm NEVER telling anyone that my husband isn't home.  I'm keeping my doors locked.  And I'm learning how to use a gun.  I would never want to use it, but I need to know how.  I've got a plan.  On what to grab, where to send my kids, and how to get out.  Seriously, where's a panic room when you need one? :)

If you've never thought about something like this {I'm sure most of you have...apparently I'm the weirdo for for feeling safe}, please take a minute to think about it.  Take a self defense class.  Be prepared and have a plan.

I hate that I got that call.  It still gives me the heebie jeebies.  But I'm glad I did.  I'm a stronger person because of it.


  1. Thank yo for sharing this! I think people need to be reminded once in awhile to be cautious!

    Glad you are safe and sound:)

  2. Oooh, how creepy! Did you ever find out who the guy was?

    Definitely become comfortable with a gun. My husband goes out of town frequently and it is a HUGE comfort knowing that it is close by and I know how to use it. Date nights at the local shooting range are ALWAYS a blast. Literally. ;)

    This post was a good eye opener! Thanks for sharing!!! Annnnd, I'm glad the boogie man didn't get you!

  3. Where's the like button on a blog when you need it? Sarah, this was awesome to read- very scary, but very eye-opening. Like you said, as nice as a panic room would be, the reality is that most of us are so unprepared for what can happen on the most common of days. Makes me want to sit down tonight and do some planning myself! :)

  4. Hi Sarah! Sarah Kate from Dixie Creek Farm gave me your blog address to check out your recent pillow tutorials (I'm looking into getting a sewing machine and learning how to sew). Anyways, just wanted to say hello and leave a little comment about this post. I'm so glad nothing happened as a result of that phone call! I have been in that situation before except at work. A guy called asking for my boss. When I told him she was out he asked if I was the only one there. After saying yes he proceeded to tell me all kinds of dirty things. I honestly thought it was my husband playing a joke on me and disguising his voice. I was just sorta playing along until it got VERY DIRTY and I hung up. I called my husband and he assured me it wasn't him. Then I called the cops. Definately scared the crap out of me. Needless to say I don't tell customers I'm here alone even if they are IN MY OFFICE. Scary!

  5. That's funny, I was just coming over here to tell you that one of my blogging friends would be contacting you and there she is right above me! :o)

    I am so sorry you had this happen. I would have been just as freaked out as you. You really can't be too careful. You'll definitely be more prepared if this ever happens again. I think I might have called the police! Yikes!

  6. Sarah, a guy at my church teaches self defense if you or anyone else are wanting to take one. Sorry you got the creepy phone call. Good thing you've got a Protector bigger than any pranker.


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