Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pinterest Love - Chandeliers!

I've found quite a few lovlies on Pinterest lately!

And one thing that I HAVE to have when we finally add on to our house is a chandelier!

I want one in my dining room, craft room, and bedroom {although I'll never be able to convince Matt on that one.  He's a ceiling fan fan!}

I think the ones I love most right now are the bold, spray painted ones.  My vision is to thrift or yard sale an old, ugly one, add some embelishments, and go to town with spray paint.

And I love the chic chandelier styles too.  They look so glam and sophisticated.  Perfect for a master bedroom, girl's room or nursery.  Hey...I'm even thinking in my closet {once I have one big enough to walk into!}

And since we still haven't started our addition...  And since our house took 4 years to build...  I doubt I'll have a chandelier any time soon.  But until then, I'll keep dreaming about them.


  1. If your husband wants a fan in the bedroom and you want chandeliers hang mini chandeliers over your side tables instead of having lamps!

  2. I love chandeliers, too!!! There's one hanging in my dining room right now, but it was chosen by the previous owners. I can't wait to add one like what you have in your second to last picture! That one is gorgeous!!!

  3. Recently i have been obsessing over chandeliers! thanks for sharing!


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