Wednesday, August 10, 2011

{NatSprat} A Bit of Reality!

So my beautiful guest today is Natalie from {NatSprat}.  And she is awesome, people.  I may be a little biased because she was my first blog friend and her comments totally brightened my day when I started my blog {and still do!}.  I'm honored to call this gal my friend!

And what I love about Natalie is her honesty!  Check out a part of the email she sent me yesterday.

"Soooo...I have some bad news. I had made something for the guest post and that's when my computer crashed and I lost all the pictures of it. I would just take new pictures, but I washed it and apparently fabric glue (which is SUPPOSED to be permanent and washable isn't really permanent OR washable) so then it was ruined and I ended up just throwing it away. Then, I tried to make a skirt for Kate...didn't think it would be that hard...and it was another disaster. I could not for the LIFE of me get the thread tension right on the sewing machine! I may or may not have ended up in tears. THEN, I was up until 4 o'clock in the morning trying to sew something else so I wouldn't let you down...and apparently I can't figure out how to use a silly pattern and this morning I couldn't even get the dress I made over her head. :("  

And seriously...this is the reality of crafting.  sewing.  upcycling. baking.  You name it!  Not everything is going to turn out like you expected.  Sometimes, it will totally not meet your expectations.  Sometimes it will go way beyond what you ever imagined.  It's being creative!  And I love Natalie for her honesty!

Since she tried three projects that turned into duds, I'm sharing one of her older upcycles that I love!



We live in a little valley called the San Luis Valley. (Go it.) A whole lot of farm land and a whole lot of mountain views. While it's beautiful...there is a drawback. There aren't many places to shop for kids clothes. There is a Super Walmart, and a JC Penneys (well, it's actually like 1/4 of the size of a regular JC Penneys and it's in historic downtown Alamosa. My dad manages it. GO DADDY!!!) and there are thrift stores. I guess I'm a little bit vain, because I HATE buying clothes at Walmart because I know every other kid in the valley has the same shirt or pants or whatever. And the closest big city is about 3 hours away. (Which STINKS!!!) and we hardly ever get to go to the big city. So, what can a girl do other than order online? Well, she can make her own clothes!

For this project, I bought a $4 plain T from Walmart. I bought some Folk Art Textile Medium (It makes the acrylic paint permanently bond to fabric) and some Folk Art acrylic paint. (The colors I used on this T are 509 Sunny Yellow, 2546 Bright Pink, and 901 Wicker White.) You mix the paint 2 parts medium to 1 part acrylic paint. They have these 48 piece packs of 3" decorative stencils at Walmart for about $3. I got the damask pack. Then I just stenciled on the designs I liked!

For the necklace part, I used a Crayola marker lid and a pencil eraser and just dipped it in the paints and pressed it onto the shirt in a necklace shape.

Annnnd, of course, what would a Natalie project be without a rosette? Why, it wouldn't be a Natalie project at all. So, I made some rosettes but instead of hot glue I used permanent fabric glue to glue it together and stitched some mesh on the back. Then I glued that to the T.

I LOVE that it's unique, cute, and NOBODY else has it around here! And my daughter ADORES it, which is what really matters. ;)


I told you she was awesome!  And that is a project that all of you non-sewers can do!  Which I love...we can all join in the fun :)

Now it's YOUR TURN!
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