Sunday, July 31, 2011

To my sweet boy

Dear Mr. Gray Gray, 

You, my son, amaze me every day with the things that you do and say.  You are talking so much lately, even if only Momma and Mamaw can understand what you are saying.  I like that I can understand your words.  It makes me feel good, and special.  That only Momma knows what you want or need or are trying to say.
My favorite moments that I don't ever want to forget are when you first wake up from your naps when Momma is home with you.  If Daddy's home, forget it.  Momma's chopped liver.  But when it's just you and me, I love how you bring your BB and snuggle up.  Just me and you.  And I love how you move all around until you are comfortable.  Just right.  And we snuggle.  It usually only lasts for a few short minutes, then you are jumping up, asking for juice or snack.  I cherish these moments.

Your pure "boyness" overwhelms me at times.  But I love that you are rough and tough.  You are just like your daddy and I know that he thrives off that!  You can't get enough super heroes, sports, or guns.  You are shooting stuff with your fork, hand, and even princess wands. Throwing your apple up in the air and catching it in your bowl. You make me laugh with your silliness. 
You watch daddy so closely and I'm always catching you mimicking his actions.  If his legs are crossed, yours are too.  If he is getting a shower, you have to get in too.  If daddy's itching his ear, so are you.  My favorite thing lately is the way you look in the full length mirror after getting your clothes on, just like daddy.  And you look at your sides and your back, and adjust your sleeves, fix your shirt tail.  And then when you think everything looks just right, you do a little dance.  {Daddy swears he doesn't do a little dance.  Right, babe.} It's the best thing ever.

I love you more than you know.  And I look forward to all of the fun ahead.
Love, Mommy

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