Thursday, July 21, 2011

DIY - Liquid Hand Soap!!

So, I've mentioned it on here before, but my husband is kinda, sorta a germ-o-phobe. 

And this means he probably washes his hands constantly.  Like at least 10-15 times in a few hour period in the evenings after he's home from work.

Which also means, we are ALWAYS running out of hand soap.  And hand soap isn't that expensive, but I hate paying $1-$1.50 for 8 oz. of handsoap.
In the past, I've gotten creative and used diluted body wash {free from couponing}.  And that worked good.  But then I ran out of free body wash.

So, I headed to my trusty computer to find a way to make some.

And who came to my rescue??   TipNut!!

Tipnut is "Your online guide to the Crafty & Clever."  And I've found so many useful tidbits on this site!

The recipe was super easy..and it worked just perfectly!
{modifying slightly from Tipnut}

You Need:
Bar of Soap {any kind...we used Safeguard}
Something to put it in
Funnel {optional...but way helpful!}

*1* Using a cheese grater, grate your soap into small pieces directly into your blender.

*2* Add 1 c. boiling water & mix well.  {expect some foaming}

*3* Walk away for a while & let it cool and the foaming "calm down"

*4* Add 1/2 c. room temp water, a chunk of honey, and 1 tsp. glycerin & blend again.

*5* Add 3 c. room temp water & blend yet again.

*6* Pour into containers.  Now here's where a funnel would be handy!

We didn't have a funnel, so we poured the soap into a gallon ziplock bag and cut a small hole in the bottom corner.  Then squirted into our dispensers.  I filled 2 10-12 oz. bottles and have enough to probably fill another 3-4.

Shake it up every few days.  Ours was white creamy looking, but around day 3, it got watery.  Shook it up, and it was just fine again!

And my cost....

bar soap - $0.03 {tax on free 2 pk}
glycerin - $0.22 {$3.50 for 8 oz....used 0.5 oz}
honey - free
water - free
Total = $0.25 for 40 oz. liquid hand soap!

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  1. Love these make at home recipes! I just found out that baby powder makes an excellent carpet refresher - took the wet wool smell out of a wool rug I had just cleaned. Am following you from the Mingle hop. Would love for you to visit Dropped Stitches and follow back ;)

  2. I've seen a variation of this recipe before, but never tried it! I like how creative you got with the hole in the ziploc bag! :o) I probably would have just tried to funnel it myself. :o)

    So during the day does your husband stop working every 15 minutes to wash his hands? That would be terribly inconvenient. I thought I was anti-germs! :o)

  3. Hi there Sarah! I'm making my liquid hand soap today for the first time and found several recipes in blog land - it's great! I'm wondering why you use honey in yours? You know how honey makes things sticky, does it make your hands feel like there's something still on it after you wash them? Do you know what I mean?? Thanks!


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