Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dear Laynie...

My Sweetest Laynie,

I'm so proud of the little lady that you are becoming.  You are sweet and polite.  Almost always saying your pleases and thank yous.  You love dresses and it is such a challenge to convince you to wear some shorts, Sister.  You have a beautiful confidence about you that makes me so proud.  I love that you aren't too shy or worried about what others think.  

Your latest dilemma has been over your hair.  You want long, Rapunzel hair, but you also want hair like mommy's.  Several times you've been ready to take the plunge and chop it off, but backed out at the last minute.  It's adorable too see the conflicting things you want and watch you make your own decision.  And I love that you have an opinion on your hair style daily.  "Just two braids momma, they worked good yesterday."


I love that you are learning about God.  And that prayer is so natural to you.  It made me so proud when Mamaw told me that she caught you praying for the little kids in the Mountains that we were buying school supplies for.  "That those little kids in the Mountains have all the things they need for school.  And that they have enough food."  And when Tiffany told me that you jumped in and started off the prayers the first day at Bible School before she could start praying.  It makes momma proud.  And feel like maybe, just maybe, we are doing something right.


Your persistence is our biggest challenge.  I know you get it honestly.  But sometimes, just sometimes, I wish you would just give in. That you were just a little less stubborn than Mommy.  But you're not.  And I end up agreeing with you, even if you aren't right.  Because sometimes it just isn't worth the fight.   I think about your husband one day.  He better be a easy going guy that loves you whole heartedly.  Because he will never win a fight or argument against you, Sister.   

And you are smart.  So smart.  I can already tell you are going to excel in school.  You remember things that happened nearly two years ago.  And not just, saw pictures and remember (because we have those moments too), but out of no where you'll say, "Hey mom, remember when..." And you'll remember something that I had long since forgotten. 


I love you forever, my big girl.  I'm so very proud of you.

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