Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We made the transition...

While in Gatlinburg, the little Mr slept in a pack n play. It worked okay the first few nights...until he realized he could escape with ease. Just call him Houdini.

Here it is 9:30. Sunday night. And we're trying to get both kids to sleep in the same room.

Read a book. Sing a song. Turn lullabys on Pandora {because we forgot the beloved lullaby CD}.

Then we hear, "Mom, Grayson climbed out of bed." And out he walks. Mom put him back in bed. Not a minute later, out he walks again. Dad put him back in bed. And this repeated countless times.

After a while, sister was getting pretty annoyed. She was tired and trying to sleep and her brother was keeping her up.

I'll stop this story here, because it ended up with two exasperated parents looking at each other saying, "Now what?" "How to do you handle this kid?" And our BFFs giving us sorry looks because they can totally relate with being frustrated at their kids. I can never remember feeling like such a failure and so helpless in a situation with Layne. But Mr. Gray makes us feel like this all the time. What do you do when you don't know what to do?

{He ended up taking a drive in the car to go to sleep. Yep. We resorted to that.}

I dreaded him coming home and doing the same thing. Luckily, we got back home and he did bedtime like a dream! We thought that we were golden! Until Friday afternoon.

I work a half day on Friday, so I have Friday afternoons with my babies. Pick them up around 1 pm. And since he hadn't had a nap, he went right in his bed. This would normally be the easiest thing ever. Lay him down with his BB. Cover him up. Turn on some music and close the door.

But not on Friday. The climbing out of his bed began. Again. And again. I am not kidding, I stopped counting at 30 times. No exaggeration.

I even attempted to take his door handle off and turn it around to lock him in. No kidding. {I promise I'd unlock it when he fell asleep}. By the time I finally got him to sleep, I had been crying for 10 minutes while standing next to his crib making him stay in it. While he tried to bite me, hit me, pinch me. I had one of my lowest moments as a mom.

Enough of that. So we packed up the baby crib {sniff, sniff} and broke out the toddler bed. It's been a tough transition, but we are managing. And it's getting better every day.

Sappy me is so sad to see him get big. Within weeks he's become sucky {pacifier} free, sleeping in a big boy bed, and going potty. And the kid is talking in sentences! Where does time go!?!

I guess I figured he'd sleep in his crib until he was 10. or at least 9.

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  1. 9 or 10?? I thought it was at least like 18 or 19 that he'd still be my wittle bitty baby boy! Oh my goodness, Sarah, this scares me to death. Charlie's only 7 months younger, and as strong-willed and stubborn as he is, I am just seeing visions in my head of tantrums very similar to Gray's. And like you, I'll be one teary-eyed momma... which leads me to think, thank God that both of us have little boys that have stolen our hearts like this. What a blessing they are. They're raising us well, huh? Thanks for this post- looks like I have some praying to do; for the strength, patience, and understanding the next, oh, 70 years of my life as a mom is going to need. :D


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