Wednesday, June 22, 2011

T-Shirt Flower {Tutorial}

So when I made my new shirt I knew that I wanted to add some sort of yellow accessory. I LOVE flower rosettes, but I wanted something a little more whimsy and fun.


My problem...I didn't have any yellow fabric.

My solution...My old VBS yellow tee from 5 years ago!

{you'll need}

An Old Tee
Needle & Thread
Piece of paper (cardstock if possible)

{how to}

Start out by sketching a petal template onto a piece of cardstock and cutting it out. You can adjust the size of the petal to make bigger or smaller flowers. Trace the template multiple times onto the t-shirt. {I think I had 8 petals}

Cut out the petals, being careful to cut inside where you traced with the pen. {That way you don't see any pen marks on your pretty petals.} And the best part of using a tee is that you don't have to worry about fraying.

Next, Get your needle and thread ready. Use your needle to go "in and out" of the petal. {Like this}

Repeat with all eight petals. {or however many you want}

I forgot to take a picture here, but you'll have a line of petals on a piece of thread.

Stitch back through the first one or two petals to complete the circle. Tie your thread off and you've got a flower!

{horrible lighting :( }

You can add something cutesy or fun to the center of the flower to glam it up, but I just left mine plain and simple.

For this shirt, I made my flower into a pin by attaching a pin to the back. I wasn't sure how the flower would wash in the washer, so I wanted it removable. But you can sew it on, pin it on, glue it on.


Who's ready to make some t-shirt flowers!?!?

And if you like my cute shirt...check out the giveaway for a free pattern from Seamingly Smitten! Giveaway ends Monday!

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  1. CUUUUUUTE!!! Oh my gosh, I looove yellow and gray together! And your hair looks so cute! Did you cut it or is it just pulled back into a pony?

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  4. Love the flower and the gray top! You did such an awesome job on both! Thanks soo much for sharing with my Pink Hippo Party.. can't wait to see what you share next week!

  5. I love yellow on anything! And your flower and top are darling!

  6. What a cute post! The yellow is so it! Great idea and thanks for sharing:)
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

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  8. So cute! I am a ne follower! Thanks for linking up to the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop.


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