Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mama Bear...

Last night, I was reading my devotional before bed and the devotion was on being a Mama Bear. I immediately thought of my friend Kathy, who uses this term frequently. You know, a Mama Bear will bare her teeth and claws to protect her kids.

The devotion ended with: What child (or children) do you protect?

I wrote in my journal:
"I can totally relate to protecting my kids, I love and am totally devoted to them. But I'm struggling with thinking of examples."

And as I wrote, God immediately showed me that everything I do as a mom is being a Mama Bear.

Mama says, "We don't stand in chairs."
(Mama Bear doesn't want her baby to get hurt!)

Mama says, "Eat your broccoli before you get a Popsicle."
(Because Mama Bear wants her babies to get big and strong)

"Here let me spit on my finger and wipe that off your face, " says Mama.
(Because Mama Bear wants her babies to be clean)

Mama says, "You can't watch that show on TV."
(Mama Bear wants her babies to stay babies as long as they can.)

If I discipline my kids, it's fine. But when Matt punishes them, I find myself wanting to protect them. It's my Mama Bear instinct.

Layne has a peanut allergy. And this is when I find Mama Bear coming out most often. It's one thing that's put me in many uncomfortable situations, but Mama Bear prevails and I'm doing what I can to protect my baby. She absolutely cannot be around anyone eating peanuts or peanut butter. It devastates her not to be able to attend certain parties or events and inconveniences our family and friends, but she's safe. And Mama Bear did her job.

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