Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I believe.

I have lots of passion for a few things, but unless you are my sister or BFF, I rarely share my beliefs. Well, I'm trying to change that. There are so many people that could really benefit from me sharing with them, but I'm always quiet about what I believe.

The issue is, that like religion and politics, certain beliefs are very controversial. I don't like to argue or disagree. I usually think, "I know what I believe is right. Let them believe what they want." But I thought I'd take the time to share what I believe.

If you disagree, please keep it to yourself. I'm not here to start a debate or discussion. Or to "knock" anyone else's beliefs. But if you have any questions, PLEASE ask. I'm happy to share more with you! So, here we go.

I believe...

- Jesus Christ is my Savior. He died for my sins so that I can live in eternity.

- I am my babies' parent. Not their friend. I will love them way more than a friend ever will.

- marriage is forever (contrary to the world's belief). There are very few things that would result in divorce for me.

- that a good laugh makes everything better. If you are ever down, search you tube for "baby sneezing mom" It's hilarious!

- that there is nothing that you can do that God won't forgive you for.

- everything happens for a reason.

- children should be rear facing in car seats for at least 2 years. Broken legs are better than broken spines. And my kids will stay in car seats until they are much bigger than the recommended 40 lbs.

- that moms need "me time" occasionally. And they shouldn't feel guilty for it. {yeah. I'm still working on that part.}

- in a woman's body's ability to naturally birth a baby. And having a previous c-section is no excuse. I believe in VBACs. And I've had one.

- that life should not be taken for granted. And we should live life to the fullest.

- in breastfeeding. There is nothing more timeless or natural than a nursing baby. I NEED another baby eventually, just to be able to nurse again.

- in a thing called love. {A little Maroon 5, anyone?}


  1. Amen to every single one! :)

  2. *clap clap clap clap clap* well said! :D

  3. Here, here Sarah! Be very proud of your beliefs!!


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