Thursday, June 9, 2011

Have you heard of Pinterest?

I just found Pinterest a few weeks ago...and I'm addicted. You may or may not find me pinning at my desk on my lunch :)


If you are like me, you see lots of really awesome idea that you want to do. But then you forget where you saw it. Or like me, you may have a folder called Things to Do, but then you can't find where you stored the folder...Pinterest solves this problem!!!

If you don't have Pinterest and you want an invite, leave me a comment and I'll invite ya :)

Some goodies I found on Pinterest this week...





  1. I'm not sure if I completely understand what pinterest is... Is it a place to sort of "bookmark" things you like in one place?

  2. i would like an invite! :) my email address is in my blogger profile.
    i enjoy reading your blog and finding crafty inspiration.


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