Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i {HEART} couponing series - coming soon!

I seriously love couponing. I'm a shopaholic and couponing lets me shop for little or no money.

Just this week, I've got all of this for free. yep. free.
{well I did pay tax on the toothpaste & liners}

{not pictured are 3 containers of Similac Concentrate that I gave to a pregnant lady at CVS today}

It saves tons of money for me & my family. I cut my grocery bills in half since couponing.

But my favorite part of couponing is that I'm able to give so much to others who really need it. I buy lots of stuff that I'll never use - Depends, Glucose meters, Baby Formula.

There has been so much interest from friends & family on couponing lately, that I thought I'd do a week long series on couponing starting next Monday. I'll go over everything I have taught in the classes I have done & more.

I would love to do a Q&A day. But that means I need questions from you! Post your questions here, email me, or facebook me!

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  1. For real!?! Oooh, I can't wait to hear about this one!

    Hmmm. Questions.

    Okay...how did you meet your husband?
    What are your pet peaves?
    What is your most embarrassing moment?
    What are your favorite memories growing up?
    What is your favorite part about blogging?



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