Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 6: Rebates


Today, we do Rebates!

Rebates are an awesome way to get things really cheap.

Rebates are typically offered by product manufacturers.

Here are my tips for Rebates!

Tip 1 - Read the rebate in detail before you purchase your items.
Some rebates are as simple as purchase this item & get your money back.
Others require you to spend so much money on certain brands.

Tip 2 - Typically, the purchase price before coupons is what applies to the rebate.
Ex. If you have to spend $25 in Olay products
And you have coupons on Olay products, the $25 is before coupons.

Tip 3 - Make sure to follow the deadlines. There is typically a deadline to purchase the product & another deadline to submit the rebate.

Tip 4 - Follow the the instructions. Make sure to circle items on the recipe if required. Make sure to include all of the required receipts. Make sure to include UPC if required. Just. Follow. The. Instructions.

Tip 5 - Make copies of everything you are sending. And mark the date sent on the copies. Then if it's been past the 4-6 weeks or 8-12 weeks they say the rebate can take, you can contact them with all of your info. {This has happened to me once}

Check Ebay too. You can often purchase rebate forms on there for a buck or two for rebates that don't have an online form. Some of those $10 or $20 buck rebates are worth $1-2!

So, what do you think so far? Who's learned something? And who's gonna try out this couponing thing? :)

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